12 Recipes to Try With Kids at Home

Have you ever noticed that when you’re baking a cake or frosting some cupcakes, your kids drop everything to help you? Leave alone helping you, they want to take charge and do everything! Involving your kids in cooking and baking is not only about having fun but also about connecting with them, understanding them, helping them be more patient, encouraging gross motor skill development, taking out their creative side and lastly teaching them some basic math concepts such as fractions and geometry! There are so many benefits of this activity! And you never know, they might fall in love with it and become the next Gordon Ramsay!

Apart from all these benefits, cooking with children is an important activity because it helps them be more independent and it’s also important to inculcate in children from a young age that cooking is a basic chore and not a gender-centric role!

So try these 12 recipes at home with your kids on Sundays for brunch!

1. Banana Bread

Try out this super moist and crumble banana bread recipe with your kids! You can replace the flour with wheat flour as well!

Click here for the recipe!

Picture Credit Sallys Baking Addiction

2. Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles

If your kids are bored of eating those store-bought biscuits or you make to spend some productive time with them, try these super simple sugar cookies! You can also incorporate almond flour to this recipe!

Click here for the recipe!

Picture Credit Julia’s Album

3. Muskmelon Chia Popsicles 

Ice creams and popsicles are a must during summers! But this time instead of buying them from outside, make them at home yourself and make it healthy by adding chia seeds to it!

You can also try this recipe with mangoes, watermelons, strawberries, oranges and litchees too!

Click here for this recipe!

Picture Credit Slurrp Farm

4. Mug Cakes

If you don’t have enough ingredients to bake a cake or don’t have a mould and your kids are dying to eat some cake, make a mug cake! Try to make it more healthy by adding mashed bananas or carrots to it!

Click here for this unusual Banana Beetroot Coconut Mug Cake recipe!

Picture Credit Slurrp Farm

5. Icecream Sandwiches

You can use the above sugar cookies recipe for this one and either use store-bought ice cream to make these ice cream sandwiches or make your own ice cream at home to make them!

Click here for to make these ice cream sandwiches! You can also make brownies and add the ice cream in between, cut them into pieces and serve them to your kids!

Picture Courtesy delish

6. Chocolate Cake

You cannot miss out on this super healthy gooey chocolate cake. It has millets in it, making it healthy for the kids!

Click here for this recipe!

Picture Credit Slurrp Farm

7. 3 Ingredient Nutella Brownies

Who doesn’t love Nutella? The ones who don’t should be imprisoned for sure. This Nutella Brownie recipe is a must-try with your kids especially because it’s a 3 ingredient one which means less of a mess!

Click here for this recipe!

Picture Credit Kirbie’s Cravings

8. Banana Strawberry Smoothie 

Make these with them and serve them during game nights!

Click here for this recipe!

Picture Credit Gimme Some Oven

9. Edible Cookie dough 

All you need is an electric beater, some flour, sugar, butter and chocolate chips! You can add sprinkles or chocolate rice too if you want! If you don’t have an electric beater that’s fine. A hand beater will also do the work, you just have to mix with faster and longer! Make it in the evening and save them as desserts and munch on it while you’re watching Frozen or Moana!

Click here for this recipe!

Picture Credit Google

10. Avocado Toast with(out) Eggs 

We don’t have to mention how healthy avocados are. All you have to do is mash them, add spices to it and you’re done! Serve it on toast and if you eat eggs, make a quick omelette and add it on the top! They make the perfect Sunday breakfast!

Click here for this recipe!

Picture Credit Gimme Delicious

11. Fruit Salad

When on vacation or during holidays, cut chop up a watermelon, mangoes, apples wand peel some oranges. Don’t forget to add strawberries and blueberries to it. Mix it with some honey and lime. And you’re done! They’re perfect for summer afternoons!

Click here for this recipe!

Picture Credit Cooking Classy

12. Chicken Sandwiches

This is one of my favourites! They make the perfect breakfast!

Click here for this recipe!

Picture Credit NDTV Food

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