12 Easy Cake Decoration Ideas for Beginners

Maybe it’s your kid’s birthday or maybe your child was finally successful in achieving something they had been trying to achieve for months now and you wanted to celebrate or maybe you just felt like eating cake, because who needs an occasion to eat cake? And you want to try a hand at baking for a change instead of buying a store bought one but you have no clue how to decorate and what you need to decorate one!

Don’t worry because you are at the right place! We’ve listed down 12 super easy cake decorating ideas for beginners with a few tips to make your life easy! So keep scrolling to read more and get your kids and nieces and nephews who are beginners and try out these simple and classy cake decorating ideas with them today!

Q. How do you make simple cake decorations?

If you think cake decorating is difficult, here’s the thing- it isn’t tricky at all! With only two simple ingredients anyone can make a cake look pretty! Whether it’s melted cadburies and colourful confetti, fresh fruits, marshmallows, m&ms, Oreos and so much more! And it doesn’t necessarily even have to look perfect! Messy cakes with rough textures topped with a flower or macaroons are the go-to these days! So fret and start baking today!

Q. What do you use to decorate a cake?

Decorating a cake for the first time? No worries! You only need two things!

Turning table: A turning table makes icing a cake so much more convenient and saves an enormous amount of time! Without a turning table moving the cake board to decorate the entire cake hampers the flow of your hands.

Palette knives: Palette knives are so important when icing a cake or even cutting a cake! Whether you want to slice the cake into two or three different parts and fill it with ganache or buttercream a palette knife makes life easier!

These two tools are the important tools to decorate a cake!

Q. How can you decorate a cake at home without cream?

There are many options available when it comes to decorating a cake as a beginner

1. You can melt some chocolate and add some milk to it and pour it on the cake. Sprinkle some colourful confetti on it or mini marshmallows, some cherries or strawberries, grated chocolate, macaroons to decorate your cake!

2. Another super simple yet classy cake decoration idea for beginners is white chocolate. There are so many ways in which it can be used to decorate a cake. All you need to do is melt the white chocolate, add some milk so that it doesn’t freeze and pour it on the sponge cake! That’s it. Top it with some fresh flowers or fruits on it and the cake will look like a store-bought one! Or just stick some pretty metallic candles on it! They look great too!

1. Ganache and chocolate sprinkles

The chocolate ganache topped with colourful confetti sprinkle is the easier cake decoration idea on the list. The cake doesn’t necessarily have to be smooth and perfectly iced at all. All you will need for this one is a chocolate sponge cake, some ganache to fill the cake and colourful confetti sprinkles.


2. Chocolate dipped strawberries on whipped cream

Everybody knows how easy it is to make chocolate-dipped strawberries! Just dip some strawberries in melted chocolate. If you want to do something more, you can drizzle white chocolate on it or edible colourful powdered glitter on the strawberries! Once the chocolate has frozen, place them on the cake the way you want!


3. Mini balloons/ stars

You can fill a simple vanilla sponge cake with either buttercream or whipped cream icing or even ganache. Once this is done, you can tie some balloons to skewers using a wire and stick it to the cake!

Another idea is you can use two skewers and join them with a wire and attach 25-30 balloons to the wire and stick the two skewers on opposite sides of the cake.

If you don’t want to go for the balloons and feel it’s too much work, you can always stick some glittery stars to skewers and stick them on the cake!


4. Fresh Flower cakes

This one will surely not take more than 5 minutes to decorate! For this one again, you will need a cake iced with whipped cream or buttercream, according to your choice and availability and top with any follower of your choice.


5. Fondant bubbles

This one’s a great idea for your kid’s next birthday! All that’s required is different colours of fondant. Roll them out and cut out small circles with a cookie cutter or a bottle cap and easily decorate your cake!


6. Chocolate shards

Another colourful one on the list! The only things that are required for this cake are white chocolate and edible food colour. Melt the white cooking chocolate* in a double boiler instead of the microwave to avoid burning it. Once you’ve melted the chocolate, divide the chocolate in different bowls and add the colour and mix it well. Take a butter paper and with a spoon, pour small amounts of the melted chocolate on the butter paper. For the feather look, with the back of the spoon or a brush, spread the chocolate and let it freeze for a few minutes. Once the chocolate has formed shape, stick it to the cake.

You can choose to use two or three or any number of colours based on the theme you’re going for.


7. Messy fruit gateau

If there is anything better than a chocolate cake, then it has to be fruit gateau! It’s juicy, it’s sweet and filled with fresh fruits! Just slice some kiwis, strawberries and mangoes and fill it between those syrup-filled cake layers along with some whipped cream!


8. cream covered cake with birthday candles

Easier than the ganache filled cake with chocolate sprinkles, all you need for this one is a cake iced with buttercream or whipped cream and place the birthday candles on it! Make sure you don’t mess up the letters up! 😛


9. m&m’s

For every m&m lover, this one is surely a treat! You can cut the centre of the cake and fill it with m&m’s too, so when you cut the cake, there’s m&m pouring out! Another great idea for your kid’s birthday!


10. Bundt Lava Cake

For all those of you who love lava cupcakes, this is ONE GIANT LAVA CAKE! Just turn a chocolate bundt cake, and pour in the ganache till it starts flowing! Get the recipe for this one here!


11. Marshmallows

This one needs absolutely no description! It’s so easy! Just melt some white chocolate and mix it with some milk so that the chocolate doesn’t freeze. Pour it on the cake and place the marshmallows the way you want!


12. Macaroons

These French cookies on a cake look so good any way you place them! You can just buy store-bought macaroons and place them the way you want on a cream-filled cake!


Let us know which cake decoration idea you loved the most or if you want us to add more to the list in the comment box below!

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