12 Best Puzzles for Kids

Not only are puzzles a great way to keep kids away from the screen, but they’re also extremely helpful to improve their gross motor skills, fine motor skills and visual-spatial coordination. Play with these puzzles with them on afternoons or on game nights and try to tell them interesting facts related to the puzzle you’re playing with.

Now with a wide range of puzzles available everywhere, it’s difficult to know which one is the best and one according to their age. Keeping this in mind, we’ve created a list of puzzles along with the age group to give you an idea what’s best for them at what age. Keep scrolling to know more!

1. Human Body Floor Puzzle (Wood)

Age: – 4 to 12 Years

This giant 3*2 feet wooden floor puzzle consists of 60+ pieces of organs, bones and other body parts along with their labels is sure to boost their child’s human anatomy knowledge! It’s designed in such a way so as to improve their memory, enhance critical thinking and gross motor skills while at the same time honing their visual-spatial coordination.

Picture Credit CocoMoco Kids

2. Harry Potter Dobby 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Age: – 8+ Years

When you’re least expecting him, Dobby tends to make a timely appearance. If you’ve seen Harry Potter, you must definitely know about Dobby the free elf. With this Harry Potter-themed Dobby Jigsaw Puzzle, you can welcome the little heroic into your home for a magical game night. This 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is sure to keep you and your kid engaged for days!

Picture Credit Fun

3. India Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Age: – 2 to 6 Years

This 30 piece 14*12 inch India puzzle consisting of states, dances and monuments is designed to help kids learn through play. Once they’ve made the puzzle, flip the entire puzzle and find a colouring activity on the back. This puzzle will surely boost their knowledge about India and enhance their gross motor skills. It’s a productive way to spend time and interact with them. You can also check out the Solar System Puzzle, Unicorn Puzzle, and My First World Map Puzzle by CocoMoco kids!

Picture Credit CocoMoco Kids

4. Castle 3D Jigsaw Puzzle

Age: 12+ Years

Get your kids to create their your own dream castle with this 890 piece 3D castle puzzle! They’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment once they finish it.

Picture Credit Ubuy

5. Puzzles Taj Mahal

Age: – 12+ Years

Tell them about all the history and interesting facts about this wonder while making this 3D puzzle consisting of 216 pieces! Read more about this puzzle here!

Picture Credit Amazon

6. Smartgames Castle 

Age: – 3+ Years!

With 4 levels ranging from easy to extremely difficult take these 7 pieces of hardwood and get your kids to arrange these blocks and make all the 48 castle patterns. This one’s a great logic-based construction puzzle!

Picture Credit Amazon

7. Wooden 3D Book Jigsaw Puzzle

Age: – 2+ Years

These sturdy 6-in-1 wooden puzzle book consisting of charming pets, sea creatures, and farm animals are sure to delight any child. As they place the pieces over the matching pictures on the puzzle board, children will develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Picture Credit Flipkart

8. Tetris Jigsaw Puzzle

Age: – 3+ Years

This set of 40 pieces uses common geometric patterns and colours to teach children colour recognition and patterning. Enhances fine motor skills, problem-solving, logical thinking, hand-eye coordination, attention span, focus and concentration in children! It surely keeps the kids away from the screen.

Picture Credit Amazon

9. Crazy Crafts Wooden Number (1 to 20) Puzzles Toys for Children

Age: – 2-4 Years

Get these number puzzles and try to make learning as much fun and engaging as possible!

Picture Credit Amazon

10. CrazyCrafts Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Elephant Toy With A-Z English Alphabets

Age: – 2-4 Years

Get this colourful 26 piece set of jigsaw puzzle in the shape of an elephant! You can also jumble these puzzles up and make tell them to spell animals, fruits and more!

Picture Credit Flipkart

11. Creatives Link N Spell

Age: – 5+ Years

Link ‘N’ Spell is a puzzle game to improve vocabulary and enhance early reading skills. The game comprises 50 durable and safe link able letter tiles, 10 picture strips, a letter mat, an activity book and an activity guide. Using the plastic letters and letter mat, children build more than 500 hundred essential everyday words by joining the letter tiles. To reinforce and strengthen letter recognition, letter sounds, spelling, and vocabulary children may complete various activities given in the activity book. Learning to spell can be quite a challenge for some kids. But this is a great way to make it accessible and less daunting.

Picture Credit Flipkart

12. Pola Puzzles Aqua Buddies Puzzles Multicolor – 60 Pieces

Age: – 5+ Years

The Pola Puzzles Aqua Buddies Puzzle Set is a great option for younger aged five. It can also start at the age of four if you wish to. You can teach your kids all about the aqua life with whales, dolphins, sharks, weeds and more. Moreover, this set offers motor skill improvement as well as sensory memorization.

Picture Credit Firstcry

Let us know which puzzle did you like best and which one would you buy for your kids in the comment box below!

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