12 Best DIY Activity Kits for Kids

In the past few years, DIY (Do-it-yourself) Activity kits have become quite famous among parents and kids. With the increase in usage of electronic devices by kids, parents are trying to reduce their screen time and DIY activity kits are coming to the rescue! They are so much fun that even adults would want to give it a try!

Apart from the fun, you can use these DIY activity kits to teach kids something new, introduce science concepts or give a practical example while teaching them the theory. These activity kits can become amazing examples for the learning through play concept! It makes learning more interesting. So check out these 14 DIY activity kits for kids! They also make great birthday gifts and return gifts for kids! And obviously spending time with these DIY activities is way better than spending time in front of the screen!

1. DIY Soap Making Kit

Ages: 6 and above

A fun DIY science activity kit with 100% natural ingredients such as glycerin shavings, dried flower petals, natural colour and fragrance and more! Buy this kit during their vacation to keep them engaged and reduce their screen time!

The entire process is under your control, so mix and match all the ingredients to make your soap your way! This might make you more aware and incline you to use soaps made with natural ingredients in the future instead of using store-bought soaps full of chemicals!

This kit makes 2!

Picture Credit CocoMoco Kids

2. DIY LEGO Travel Kit

Whether it’s a road trip or travelling for a vacation, kids need something to while their time away. So watch this video and make your own LEGO travel kit and carry it with you while you’re on the go, to keep them engaged!

Picture Credit Mumma.Papa.Bubba

3. DIY Dream Catcher Kit

Ages: 5 and above

Dream catchers in Native American culture keep bad dreams away! If you’ve seen the Twilight Saga, you’d remember Jacob making one of these for Bella to keep away evil spirits and bad dreams.

This DIY kit consists of materials like feathers, beads and more to make 3 dream catchers! So get them this set now so that they make their own dream catchers. It’s a fun and creative activity which will keep them engaged for hours. Once they’re done making them, hang one above their bed and get them to gift the other two to their close friends!

Picture Credit CocoMoco Kids

4. DIY Glass Painting Kit

A deviation from the same old art and craft kits, buy this glass painting activity kit. It brings out their creativity and helps improve their concentration. It’s a great way to keep them engrossed for hours at length. Once they’re done you can get it framed in the future.

Picture Credit Firstcry

5. Block Printing Kit

Ages: – 3-8 years

A DIY activity kit designed for kids, this box consists of wooden blocks of animals, paints, sponges and greeting cards! This kit can not only be used on greeting cards but also for school projects and birthday invitation cards. It’s a great way to enhance gross-motor skills, heighten creativity and improve visual-spatial coordination.

Picture Credit CocoMoco Kids

6. Slime Kit by YuckyScience

Let’s face it, kids LOVE slime (even some adults :P). Not only that, gifting slime kits to children has a lot of benefits.

It’s a great science activity! Mixing all these (safe) ingredients into something totally different just by stirring it is so fascinating and satisfying. It is an amazing way to make science fun!

It’s a great way of connecting with them by showing them that you are interested in what they love and enjoy doing.

Buy this kit here!

Picture Credit Amazon

7. World Box Activity Kit

Ages: – 5-12 years

This activity kit includes all things related to geography making it a game and a learning tool for them! A box consisting of a travel scrapbook where they can write all about their travel journeys and stick as many pictures as they want, a set of 50 Country Trump Cards that can be played as a game or used as fact cards, a passport kit with stickers of flags, monuments and languages of countries, a world map with reusable stickers. This activity kit is a fun way to improve their general knowledge and boosts self-esteem!

So buy this kit to play it on game nights or during vacations and make every minute spent with them of quality!

Picture Credit CocoMoco Kids

8. DIY Unicorn Themed Bags

This one’s an art and craft activity! It comes with a set of acrylic paints and a brush so you can paint this unicorn themed bag. Get your kids to paint this bag and let them take it for tuitions or swim classes. They also make great return gifts and birthday gifts for kids!

Picture Credit CocoMoco Kids

9. Shell Craft

This pack of assorted shells and all materials required to make a photo frame is a great way to bring out their creativity! Kids make the entire photo frame themselves by putting all the pieces together and mixing and matching different coloured shells to create one of their own design! After making this frame they could either put a photo of them with their friends and gift it to them as a birthday gift or put a photo of the entire family in it which could become a showpiece for the mantel!

Picture Credit Firstcry

10. DIY Hydraulic Shooter

Have you seen magicians sleeping on a bed of needles and wondered why it does not hurt them? Why do some objects float while others sink in water? The answer lies in the pressure exerted & the relationship between force and area. Build this hydraulic shooter and explain your kids all about pressure and the relationship between area and force! This activity kit is a great way to teach kids the concepts of physics by applying the theory in the practical!

Picture Credit Butterfly Edufields

11. DIY 4 in 1 Chemistry Kit | Chemistry Project | Science Project Kits | For 11+-year-olds

As a kid, introducing the basics of Chemistry might be a bit tricky or difficult to understand or they might just find it too boring. Buy this one to try different experiments with them and make them fall in love with this subject! With the help of basic things such as burning camphor or the food we consume, teach them all about pH, titration and indicators!

Picture Credit Butterfly Edufields

12. Science Adventure Box Sub juniors

This 5-in-1 activity kit is a fun and practical method to give kids a deeper understanding of science concepts. this kit consists of 5 DIY models and a map which summarises the activities. It triggers curiosity and ignites a spark of science and creativity in children. Use this activity kit when they’re learning about windmills and harvesting and interact with them later on about these concepts for retention.

Picture Credit Butterfly Edufields

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