12 Best Birthday Theme Ideas for 2019

Is your child’s birthday coming up? Do something different this year and throw a theme party. There are so many to pick from, each better than the last. Here are 10 themes your child and their friends will love!

1. Pirate Mania Theme Birthday Party

What child isn’t fascinated by pirates and all things high seas? You can go all-out with free printable pirate invitations, masts and sails and a costume party (read eye patches and hats!) http://birthdayspartyideas.blogspot.com/2015/02/birthday-party-ideas-jake-and-neverland.html

2. Circus Fun Theme Birthday Party

Every kid likes a circus and a birthday party is the best opportunity to bring one home! String up a circus-inspired banner and decorate the party space with toy animals. Of course, you absolutely have to serve cotton candy and popcorn!

3. Camping Delight Theme Birthday Party

Source: http://www.ecsust.com/kids-birthday-party-decor-ideas/camp1

Backyard camping is great fun and a way to introduce your child to nature. If outdoor camping is not an option, you can turn your home space into a campsite. Pitch tents, set out a few lanterns and serve trail mix and a woodland-themed cake.

4. Adventure Time Theme Birthday Party

Source: https://www.playpartyplan.com/scavenger-hunt-ideas/

There’s nothing that gets kids excited more than a treasure hunt! Plan an adventure-themed party complete with a course, clues for a treasure hunt and a prize for the winner. Have refreshments ready at designated points to fuel their energy.

5. Space Theme Birthday Party

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Introduce your children and their friends to the wonders of the cosmos with a solar system birthday party theme. Decorate with cut-outs of planets and glow stars and have a space-themed cake and asteroid-inspired cookies.

6. Cowboy Action Theme Birthday Party

Source: https://www.fynesdesigns.com/backyard-western-theme-birthday-party/

The Wild West is a great inspiration for a birthday theme. You can plan many games to keep kids engaged such as digging for gold, hitting a pinata, making headbands and creating paintings of cacti and horses.

7. Around the World Theme Birthday Party

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A smart birthday party idea to get kids to learn about the world and its many cultures – while keeping it super fun – is to have an around-the-world theme. Use a giant world map and have the children play on it, Twister style. Globe-shaped lollipops, a globe-shaped cake and flags of the world as decorations are a few ideas to get them even more excited. You can alternately call it a Travel Theme Birthday Party.

8. Ice cream Thrill Theme Birthday Party

Source: https://www.potterybarnkids.com/tips-and-ideas/celebration/ice_cream_shoppe_party/

Summer birthday parties are great fun but you can make them even better with an ice cream-themed party! Ice cream invitations, ice cream party hats, a picture of an ice cream truck as a photo backdrop and, of course, ice cream to eat are some ideas for a hit party.

9. Sports FTW Theme Birthday Party

Source: https://in.pinterest.com/pin/143411569356006171/

Another fun theme for a birthday party is sports as it keeps children entertained and happy. There are numerous games that can be organised including bowling and football and classic games like three-legged race and pin the tail on the donkey.

10. Underwater Enchantment Theme Birthday Party


An underwater birthday party theme is a wonderful way to get kids interested in underwater life. It’s also a whole lot of fun as there’s so much to go with. Blue lemonade, blue muffins, an ocean-themed birthday cake and jellyfish lanterns will transform your party space into a magical world!

11. Beach Vibes Theme Birthday Party

Source: https://www.attagirlsays.com/backyard-beach-party-ideas/

No beach nearby for a party? Not to worry! With a kiddie pool, beach balls, pool inflatables and umbrellas, you can create the perfect setting for a beach birthday party. Serve summery snacks like snow cones, watermelons and Jello-O to keep kids cool and content.

12. Slime Excitement Theme Birthday Party

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Slime is all the rage with children these days so why not plan a birthday party around it? Set a large enough space for them to play at and provide slime ingredients like glue, baking soda and food coloring. Spread a plastic tablecloth for an easy clean-up.

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