11 Unique Birthday Gifts for 9 to 11-Year-Old Girls

Try out these 11 birthday gift ideas for your daughters, nieces or friends birthday!

1. Instax Camera

These cameras make the perfect gift if she loves to click pictures! They instantly print out pictures and can be carried for vacations! They can also become a cute decor piece for their room, It comes in different colours so you can buy one in their favourite colour!

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2. LED Lamps (Flamingo)

This neon flamingo light can become a cool decor showpiece for their room. You can place them on their study or on their dressing table. It creates a great ambience for their room. If you don’t want to go for the flamingo one, who can opt for the star-shaped neon led light!

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3. Watch

This watch with blue PU leather straps and printed elephant design will definitely stand out on their hands! Buy them here!

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4. Picture Frame

Yet another gift that can become a piece for their room wall! This frame can be used to display their pictures or can also be used to put up flashcards for learning purpose!

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5. Mini Backpacks

Whether they’re going for a picnic or travelling or even to the mall. These mini backpacks will make a classy accessory with their outfit. It can be used to store their wallet, their phone, earphones, iPod and much more!

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6. Kindle

If your girl is a bookworm and cannot stay away from her books, this is the one! This kindle can hold thousands of books so she can carry her library with her all the time and read anytime anywhere without getting bored!

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7. Diary

A personal diary is one of the best gifts you can give them. Give them a personal diary and encourage them to journal their thoughts as journaling helps understand their internal landscape. The more they write, the more they understand themselves and other people!

You can also replace that diary with a scrapbook where they can stick lots of travel pictures and get them to write a little something about their trip!

Picture Credit Chumbak

8. Planter

Get them this super classy and chic planter for their birthday which they can use to decorate their room or anywhere at their home! Planters are great gifts as it’s the first step to get them to be more responsible!

Picture Credit ferns N petals

9. Sunglasses

Buy a stylish pair of sunglasses for her upcoming birthday! Click here to know about the best shades for her!

Picture Credit Pinterest

10. Calendar with whiteboard

This calendar with a whiteboard can be a great gift for them as they can keep a track of the date and their daily schedule to complete all their tasks on the to-do list! It comes with a whiteboard, a marker and 7 wooden blocks for dates and months!

picture Credit Sugarbox

11. Pin Board

This cute whale-shaped pinboard will definitely put a playful twist to your child’s room. They can use this board to pin up their schedule and sticky notes so they don’t forget their day to day activities!

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