10 Virtual Birthday Party Game Ideas

With the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, we all have had to put a stop to social gatherings but thanks to Zoom and Hangouts, talking to our friends and families is just a click away! And when everything is happening online, why not host your kid’s birthday virtually? You definitely don’t want them to spend it without their friends! So check out these 10 games for your kid’s virtual birthday party! Keep scrolling to read more!

1. Bake Off

One of the parent can become the judge and choose a simple cake design for the kids. For easy cake decorating ideas for beginners, click here! Choose any design from the lot and get them to bake a cake and decorate it! The cake will be judged solely by the appearance of the cake! And whoever wins the game gets a gift!


2. Art Competition

An art and craft competition will surely be loved by every kid and will keep them engrossed for quite some time! There’s finger painting, there brush painting, glass painting, origami art and so much more. Parents can choose a craft item such as bangle art or pencil stand and can guide the kids through the process.


3. Travel Bingo

Send a box of Travel Bingo to all their friends and get everyone to play this game.

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4. Dance Competition

Tell each one to dance for the birthday boy or girl and when someone says freeze, the person dancing has to freeze and one of the parents can click pictures and they have to tell a joke to everyone else.


5. Virtual Pictionary

It may seem like a simple draw and guess game but there is so much more to it. From reading the word to converting that into an image in the brain and then drawing it to send a message to the other players induces in a child to be creative. All that’s required is a pencil and a paper. One of the kids can draw on the paper and show it to the other members of the meeting!


6. Fortnite Or Mine craft Game Competition Between Two Teams

If the kids have played Minecraft and Fortnite before and have the technical proficiency then this is a game that can be played virtually by them! This virtual birthday party idea allows party guests to get creative while celebrating on the big day. For the true Minecraft-lover, this will be a party they will never forget.


7. Lego Party

Send a box of Lego to all the kids and show them a design. All the kids can compete with one another and whoever finishes the design before the others wins the competition! The winner will get to choose a gift of their choice!


8. Spooky Ghost Stories

Ask any kid if they want to hear any spooky ghost stories and their answer will always be a yes! Kids absolutely love spooky ghost stories! So take a few stories from the internet, get everyone to switch the lights off in their respective homes and start away! For more effects, you can also pitch in some scary voices on your laptop/computer and play them once in a while to give them a scare! The kids will love it and it’s going to keep them engrossed for a while!


9. Online Magic Show

Magic shows always work for kids! They’re fun, intriguing and kids are in absolute aww when they see the magician taking out pigeons and rabbits from under the hat. So plan an online magic show for the kids for their next! Plan a live online magic show for your kid’s birthday celebration. The magician, the friends, the family, you – everyone joins in online, from the comfort of their homes!


10. Rock, Paper, Scissors

This super easy and no-equipment game with only a few instructions is another game that can be played online. Get everyone to participate in it and whoever wins will get a gift of their choice.


Let us know which one from the list was your favourite or if we missed out on anything in the comment box below!

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