10 Indoor Games and Activities by CocoMoco Kids to Keep Kids Engaged During Holidays

As parents, it’s a struggle to keep kids away from using Netflix from dawn till dusk and playing games on screens. With the holidays coming up, you’re wondering how to keep them away from the screen and engage in fun games and activities. Here are some indoor games and activities you can use to play with them on lazy afternoons or game nights or call their friends over for a play date!

1. Hop Around the World Giant Map

Age: 3-12 Years

This giant non-tearable map with 6*4 feet as dimensions is to be spread on the floor and played just like twister. Only instead of placing hands and legs on colours, one has to place their hands and legs on the correct location on the map. Kids will definitely love this game and parents can teach kids the location of different countries while playing. It’s a win-win situation for both!

This map can also be hung up on the wall for teaching and learning purpose!


2. Solar System Colouring Roll 

Age: -7 Years

Introduce your little space explorers to the solar system and space objects through the world’s first 7.5 feet long the rolling storybook that doubles up as a colouring activity. Keep pulling out the roll and let kids colour their time away. This roll comes with crayons too!

Buy it here!

You can also check out the Explore India Wipe n Clean Colouring Roll!


3. Colour Your Own Unicorn Bags 

Age: 5-14 Years

This one’s an art and craft activity! It comes with a set of acrylic paints and a brush so you can paint this unicorn themed bag. Get your kids to paint this bag and let them take it for tuitions or swim classes. They also make great return gifts and birthday gifts for kids!

Buy it here.


4. Flag Frenzy

Age: 5+ Years

This set consists of 49 cards with different flags, 8 continent cards and a world map with flags marked on it. Each card has eight flags, and every card ALWAYS has one flag in common with every other card. All the kids have to do is match the flag before the other players!

Stick the map on the wall or on their wardrobe. Use this map to teach the kids about the flags of different countries and where these countries are located!

Buy it here!


5. Solar System SNAP Cards 

Age: 2-6 Years

Teach them all about the planets, constellations, comets and other space objects through this fun and easy to play SNAP cards. Play it as SNAP, or a memory game or use them as flashcards. They’re a great way to improve memory, motor skills and dexterity and a fun way to stimulate active engagement & imagination in children! It comes in a round, reusable box and easy to carry on family trips, picnics and family parties.

Buy it here!


6. Play Passport Kit 

Age: 5-12 Years

With stickers of 12 different country flags, monuments, capitals, languages and so much more, this game is sure to improve their knowledge about these countries and you never know, it might also evoke the love for geography! Stick the flags, languages, monuments and visas of all the countries in the respective page allotted to each country in the CocoMoco passport.

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7. Soap Making Kit 

Age: 6 Years and above

A fun DIY science activity kit with 100% natural ingredients such as glycerin shavings, dried flower petals, natural colour and fragrance and more! Buy this kit during their vacation to keep them engaged and reduce their screen time!

The entire process is under your control, so mix and match all the ingredients to make your soap your way! This might make you more aware and incline you to use soaps made with natural ingredients in the future instead of using store-bought soaps full of chemicals!

This kit makes 2!

Buy them here.


8. Travel Bingo 

Ages: 2 to 4 years

A great game to carry in the car or to the park, it comes in a well-designed brightly coloured case which is easy to carry and contains a built-in magnetic board. It includes 25 foam magnets, 5 BINGO Sheets on 5 themes, i.e., road, animals, grocery/kitchen, home and modes of transport. It is thematically designed for your little one. All they have to do is look around inquisitively to spot an item matching with the picture drawn on the bingo sheet and then place a magnet on the picture. It’s a way to increase their alertness and focus, improve their vocabulary and visual perception and enhances memory and cognitive skills. It’s the ideal game for children aged 2-4 years.

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9. Route 99

Age: 5 to 103 years

Price: Rs 299

Who knew there could be mathematical card games as well? We all, as children, have feared maths once in our life. Some got over it, some got under it.

A fun card game based on car racing in which players are supposed to throw mile cards to add kilometres to their journey. The game takes a thematic UNO like approach to enhance the mental math skills of children. It’s a great way to improve your child’s rudimentary mathematics. For families playing together, you won’t even realise there was some math involved! This game is great for children across all ages and adults as well.

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10. Block Printing Kit 

AGE: – 3-8 Years

A DIY activity kit designed for kids, this box consists of wooden blocks of animals, paints, sponges and greeting cards! This kit can not only be used on greeting cards but also for school projects and birthday invitation cards. It’s a great way to enhance gross-motor skills, heighten creativity and improve visual-spatial coordination.

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