10 Best Toys and Birthday Gifts for 5-7 Year-olds for 2019

Each year of a child’s life sees them learning something new. By the age of 5 to 7 years, they’re already in primary school and picking up important skills like understanding the concept of numbers, telling time and speaking in complete sentences. Here are 10 of the best toys and gifts for 2019 to help kids build the right skill sets and have fun as they play.

Planet of Toys 2 In 1 Deluxe Tools Set – Rs. 2,089 on FirstCry

Help your kids hone their hand-eye coordination with this cute tool set. It will help them improve their ability to perform everyday tasks like writing.

2. World Map with Reusable Stickers – Rs. 499 on CocoMoco Kids

Make learning geography fun with this World Map. Featuring a washable non-tear map and reusable stickers, kids can identify and learn about different countries along with their flags, monuments, animals and more.

3. Mitashi – Game In Champ

These child-friendly 8-bit video games are just the thing kids need to improve their coordination, memory and problem-solving skills. With a console and two controllers included, you can also get in on the action!

4. Spell Buzz – Rs. 329 on CocoMoco Kids

Inspired by the popular Spelling Bee competitions in the USA, this fun game helps kids learn to spell over 90 words. It’s ideal for groups and helps build interpersonal skills.

5. JD Sports Wooden Carrom Board – Rs. 1,759 on FirstCry

Carrom is an all-time favourite and getting kids hooked on it early on can build hand-eye coordination and logical reasoning skills. This full-size carrom board is perfect for 5-7-year-olds and makes for great family-fun.

6. Explore India Activity Box – Rs. 999 on CocoMoco Kids

Colourful, attractive and interactive – India Box is designed to help your kids learn about Indian geography in a fun way. It includes a map with stickers, an India Bingo game, activity book, block printing kit and a sticker sheet.

7. VibgyorVibes Wooden Puzzle Set – Rs. 550 on FirstCr

Four different wooden puzzles, each featuring attractive animal scenes, will keep your kids engrossed for hours. It can also improve memory and problem-solving skills.

8. Play Passport Kit – Rs. 175 on CocoMoco Kids

The Play Passport Kit is a pretend play game that introduces kids to different countries of the world through a matching activity. It helps them learn about flags, languages, monuments and capitals.

9. Zephyr – Memory Skill – Rs. 399 on FirstCry

Boost your kids’ memories with this fun memory game. It has 10 playing sheets that offer 20 different combos and 36 pegs.

10. Route 99 – Rs. 329 on CocoMoco Kids

A fun and popular French game, Route 99 is a lot like UNO and all about street racing with cards. As players race to reach 1,000 miles by throwing mile number cards, opponents try to slow them down by throwing obstacle cards.

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