10 Best STEM Toys and STEM Games of 2019

STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. As grown-up as that sounds, toys built around these subjects can foster a love for them. They’re geared towards encouraging curiosity and learning – all in a fun way! Check out these 10 STEM toys and STEM games to get your kids.

1. Trinkets & More – Rainbow Calculation Counting Stacker Math Toy – Rs. 699 on Amazon

This stacking toy is a great STEM game for very young kids. It teaches counting and matching, enhances fine motor skills and stimulates creativity.

Age group: 18 months and above

best stem toys and games

2. Spell Buzz Spelling Game – Rs. 329 on CocoMoco Kids

Inspired by Spelling Bee competitions in the USA, Spell Buzz is a fun STEM game that teaches kids to spell over 90 words. It also boosts interpersonal skills when played in a group.

Age group: 5-7 years

best stem toys and games

3. Creative Educational Aids Number Fun Counting Game – Rs. 199 on Amazon

Teach your kids to count and match with the help of these self-correcting puzzle pieces. The STEM toy also teaches hand-eye coordination by encouraging them to fit the puzzle pieces with each other.

Age group: 3 and above

best stem toys and games

4. World Bingo Geography Game for Rs. 349 on CocoMoco Kids

Take your kids around the world with World Bingo, a fun multiplayer game that introduces kids to different continents. It’s an educational take on tambola that nurtures an interest in geography and the world.

Age group: 5-11 years

best stem toys and games

5. Einstein Box – Rs. 999 on Amazon

Help your little ones unlock their potential with this Einstein Box. The STEM game comes with two books and three activities that develop thinking skills, vocabulary and socio-emotional skills in very young children.

Age group: 2 years

best stem toys and games

6. Solar System Snap Flash Card Game

This entertaining card game encourages learning through play using flash cards that can also be used to play Snap and memory games. Each card has illustrations and names of space objects.

best stem toys and games

Age group: 2-7 years

7. Melissa & Doug Wooden Take Along Tool Kit – Rs. 1,199 on Amazon

Pretend play helps kids experiment with social and emotional roles. It also encourages them to use language more and builds on their creativity. This adorable educational toy fosters learning through pretend play and promotes different developmental skills.

best stem toys and games

Age group – 3-5 years

8. Play-Doh Shape and Learn Colours and Shapes – Rs. 999 on Amazon

Play-Doh is a delightful STEM toy for kids, giving them the freedom to be creative and learn about colours and shapes. The hands-on experience also promotes sensory-motor development.

Age group: 1 year and above

best stem toys and games

9. Math Buzz Math Game – Rs. 329 on CocoMoco Kids

This educational game sets the foundation for mathematics by teaching kids the basics like subtraction, addition, multiplication and division. It’s perfect for group activities and enhancing interpersonal skills.

best stem toys and games

Age group: 4-7 years

10. Skillofun Wooden Number with Picture Tray with Knobs – Rs. 395 on Amazon

The best way to teach toddlers to count is through charming visuals and bright colours – exactly what this picture tray is. Illustrations next to the numbers provide hints and make learning to count plenty of fun.

Age group: 2 and above

best stem toys and games

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