10 Best Return Gifts Under Rs. 200 (2019)

What makes a child’s birthday party even more fun? Return gifts, of course! The anticipation of what’s inside and having something else to look forward to puts a huge smile on every little face. The next time you’re planning your kid’s birthday party, consider getting these return gifts under Rs. 200. They’re affordable, learning-centric and so much fun.

1. Anindita Toys Tic Tac Toe Game Set – Rs. 75 on FirstCry

Tic tac toe is a wonderful way to develop a child’s reasoning and motor skills. It helps them strategise and prepares them for more complex games. Children as young as 3 years of age can play.

best return gifts under rs 200

2. Zoo Passport Kit – Rs 160 on CocoMoco Kids

This brightly-coloured Zoo Passport Kit introduces children to animals, their habitats and the sounds they make. It’s designed to sharpen visual perception and knowledge and boost gross motor skills. It’s a great return gift for 2-5 year-old kids.

best return gifts under rs 200

3. Ratna’s Doctor Mini Set – Rs 160 on FirstCry

Role play is a big part of child development as it builds creativity and problem-solving skills. A doctor set is the ideal return gift as it encourages children to act out real life performances. This return gift will make all kids happy!

best return gifts under rs 200

4. Doraemon Modelling Clay – Rs 40 on FirstCry

Every child likes to get their hands dirty but instead of making mud pies, why not use modelling clay? It’s safe and plenty of fun. Manipulating clay also helps develop motor skills, creativity and concentration. A super return gift to add to a goodie bag!

best return gifts under rs 200

5. Play Passport Kit – Rs 175 on CocoMoco Kids

The Play Passport Kit puts a fun spin on learning. Children get to learn geography and culture through visa stickers, flags, monuments and more. This is the perfect return gift for 5-10 year-old boys and girls.

best return gifts under rs 200

6. Colouring Roll – Solar System Space Themed – Rs. 199 on CocoMoco Kids

Foster a love for space with this space-themed colouring roll. The 7-foot long roll of paper tells a story and has plenty of shapes to colour. The item comes with stickers and crayons too. This is one of the most loved return gifts for kids!

best return gifts under rs 200

7. TKB UNO Card Game – Rs. 89 on Amazon

UNO is perfect for children aged 7 years and above although it can be played by younger children too. It teaches colour and number recognition and fine motor skills. It also encourages interaction with friends and friendly competition. This return gift option for kids will never disappoint!

best return gifts under rs 200

8. Frank What Goes Together Puzzle – Rs. 199 on ToyCart

The next return gift under Rs 200 is a self-correcting puzzle that teaches young children what goes together. It shows them how to match one thing with another with the help of paired puzzle pieces. The attractive illustrations will certainly tempt kids to play!

best return gifts under rs 200

9. Mind Wealth Krazy Alphabet and Image Dominoes Game – Rs. 140 on Flipkart

If you’re buying return gifts for very young children, this dominos game is perfect. It combines alphabets and images to help build their vocabulary. Dominos also improves hand-eye coordination and strategy.

best return gifts under rs 200

10. Ratna’s Puzzle Ball – Rs. 179 on FirstCry

Last on our list of return gifts under Rs. 200 are shape sorting toys. Not only are they fun to play with but they help develop problem-solving abilities. They also help children learn to use observational skills and improve verbal communication. This is a great return gift for toddlers.

best return gifts under rs 200
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