10 Best Kitchen Sets for Kids

Pretend play is one of the most important things for kids while growing up. It’s a way to improve their interpersonal skills, enhance their imagination and creativity and their emotional sense of self.

Have you ever noticed your niece trying to copy the way you dress up? They want to wear boots if you are wearing boots, they want to apply nail colour is you have nail colour, they try to imitate you so much that they even try to talk the way you talk! If they see you bake, they definitely want to be a part of it! So why not get them their own kitchen set?

When you’re looking for one, you’re definitely searching for something that’s affordable and something that looks good too. So we’ve curated a list of kitchen set for kids that are affordable but at the same time a few which are on the higher side on cost but super classy and realistic. So scroll down and buy the one you like the most!

1. JVM Ultimate Kid’s Chef’s Bring Along Kitchen Cooking Suitcase Set (26 Pieces)

Package Dimensions: – 7 x 22.4 x 10.3 cm

It’s one of the most reasonable ranged kitchen set for girls and boys on our list. It’s more of a portable suitcase with all kinds of tools, equipments and vegetables. If your child has absolutely fallen in love with this set then you can carry this kitchen set for your travel journeys so it keeps them engaged and occupied for hours at length. It’s a great way to encourage creative play and develop motor skills.


2. Lattice Wooden Kitchen Toy Set with Utensils Cupboard

Product Dimensions:- 15 x 10 cm

Designed for kids aged 3 and up, it’s made of wood making it sturdy. It’s quite affordable too which makes it appealing to parents.

This one comes with so many utensils such as pans and pots, spoons and forks and a salt and pepper shaker set.  There’s a small cabinet in this one, so if they are not playing all the stuff can be kept inside neatly.


3. Pretend Play Kids Kitchen Set – Red

Product Dimensions: 73 x 30 x 51cm

Role-playing is one of the children’s favourite games. This toy set is available in bright and refreshing colour combination. It includes 1 plate, 2 Cups, 1 Sauce Pan, 1 Fry Pan, 1 Stand, 1 Cabbage, 1 Carrot, 1 Lemon, 1 Pumpkin, Spoons, 1 Butter Knife, 1 Knife, 1 Stickers Chart. It helps to develop a child’s mind, creativity and thinking ability and train their hand-eye-coordination and hand flexibility by their own operation. It is a good choice for a gift for boys or girls. Due to small parts in this set, it’s not suitable for kids below 3.

It’s made of plastic so it’s easy to clean. The bright and orange colour of this kitchen set for kids will definitely appeal to them.



Product Dimensions: – 72 x40 x109 cm

This one’s super classy and a realistic one making it very impressive. With a sink, a microwave, an induction with lights and drawers where your little chefs can keep all their utensils inside once they are done playing.


5. Cartup Luxury Battery Operated Kitchen Set with Lights, Sound and Carry Case, Kitchen Playset for Kids

Size: 42 x 25 x 65.5 Cm

This kitchen set for kids operates with light and sound.  And the best part is it can be converted into a carry along briefcase after dismantling it. Because it’s a compact carrier case, the kids will love to clean up the entire area themselves to make it look like a briefcase, so parents don’t have to worry about cleaning anymore.


6. Kidsgenie Battery Operated Kitchen Play Set With Light & Sound (Medium)

Width x Height: 25 cm x 40 cm

This set is made of high-quality materials and is a self-assembly kit!

This luxury kitchen superset consists of 2 compartments and all modern equipments such as opening oven doors, a sink, and kitchen cabinets. It requires batteries. And when you open the doors, there’s a whistling sound and the light switches on! This set will surely excite your kid. Buy this set and make your kid’s culinary dream come true!


7. Hape Pretend Play Kitchen Set with Light and Sound – Grey

Product Dimensions – L 60 x B 30 x H 89 cm

With spatulas, pans, an electronic light-up stove and realistic cooking sound effects, kids will never want to stop playing with this set. Ring up their friends and invite them over on a playdate. They can pretend cook and bake together and keep them occupied for hours! It’s an introduction to daily chores for the kids.

Check this one out on firstcry!


Product Dimensions: – 55 x 37 x 98 cm

Ever noticed your nephew or kid trying to copy you? Kids love to imitate adults! We all have done that when we were young too! And now they want to do the same. They want their own kitchen set and convert the living room into a mini cafeteria.

This one has a board too where the kids can write the weekly specials or the daily menu for all their customers!

It’s a great way to keep kids engaged in role play and away from the screen.


9. Playhood 2 In 1 Kitchen Set with 4 Play Dough Set Multicolor – 44 Pieces

Product Dimension – 36 x 36 x 53 cm

Designed for kids aged 3 and above with as the product dimensions, it’s perfect in size for small children and doesn’t take up much room. It’s light in weight so it can be moved around easily.

This particular kitchen set for kids comes with 4 play dough colours so they can make different fruits, vegetables and shapes. The kitchen set will keep them engaged for hours and the play dough set will definitely help them improve their hand-eye coordination and imagination.


10. Hape Multi-Function Kitchen

Product Dimensions: – 93.5 x 39 x 75.5 cm

This one’s another classy looking kitchen set made of wood. The details are very accurate, giving a realistic kitchen vibe to the kids. The design is compact and sturdy. The cabinets can be stocked with utensils, vegetables and more. It’s a great kitchen set for kids for active play but slightly on an expensive side. Recommended for ages 2 and above.


Let us know which kitchen set for kids would you like to buy for your kids in the comment box!

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