10 Best Educational Games For Kids

In this digital era where people are glued to their cell phones, laptops and iPads, it’s better to try and get kids hooked to activities and games that do not involve screen time, because accept it or not one day they’ll be spending a lot of their time in front of screens anyway. So the only thing we can do is avoid it as much as we can while they’re young.

We know their attention span is less, we hear you! But we guarantee these games for kids will grab their attention for longer and keep them engaged with hours of FUN! Here are some games you can play with your kids in their free time, and teach them something educational without making it monotonous and boring.

1. World Bingo

Price Rs 399

Ages: 6-11 Years

Ever played bingo as kids? Add a twist to this classic popular game and ta-da! It becomes an educational game to play with kids. This geography game teaches your children about the location of different countries and continents of the world. Conquer the world or rule a continent with this bingo game tournament based on world geography and the winner gets a crown too! This game improves general knowledge, cognitive skills, and improves social skills too! It’s also a great game to play at a birthday party or a play date!

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2. Solar System Snap Card Game

Price Rs 299

Ages: 2-6 Years

Ask a kid what they want to be when they grow up and at least once you’ll hear them say an astronaut or a scientist or a doctor. Teach them all about the planets, constellations, comets and other space objects through this fun and easy to play SNAP cards. Play it as SNAP, or a memory game or use them as flashcards. They’re a great way to improve memory, motor skills and dexterity!

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3. TANGO Learning Proverbs

Price Rs 224

Ages: 5-12 Years

In this generation, children must speak and write quality English. So try making things fun with this game. Tango Learning Proverbs is an educational game based on a traditional Japanese game called ‘Karuta’ to teach English proverbs with a few cards. With a special emphasis on enhancing expression in language, these cards are neatly designed and split into two bright colours- red and blue. This is an amazing game to play with the family on a game night or can be played while travelling or at picnics!

It helps hone linguistic expression, boosts knowledge and improves interpersonal skills through social play.

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4. Math buzz

Price Rs 399

Ages: 5-8 Years

Learning math through just classroom teaching and homework can be boring. A subject like Math must and can be taught through play. Games make learning math super easy and most importantly FUN!

Math Buzz helps children boost their rudimentary mathematics skills like subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, greater than / smaller than and other mathematical problems.

All the numbers, operators and equations are written on thick, colourful, flying-bees. Play this game to make maths more fun and for crystal clear rudimentary/ elementary concepts.

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5. World Map Activity Kit With Reusable Stickers

Price Rs 499

Ages: 4-12 Years

If you want your kids to learn world geography and know all about the famous countries, their flags, currencies, famous animals, and make it as fun as possible so that they don’t get bored looking at an Atlas or a boring Map, this World Map Activity Kit is the perfect fit. Get them to paste reusable stickers of flags, currencies, names of monuments, famous places and animals in the correct places on the map and also help them spot the 7 wonders and label stickers, spot the tallest building, longest river and more! Trust us, you may want to do this too!

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6. DIY Assembly Glow Solar System Planetarium Model

Price Rs 1,384.14

Ages: 6-103 Years

Get your kids to paint, add highlights and assemble their planetarium model. And after that expose the model to light or torchlight for a minute. Turn off the light and watch them glow like magic! It’s an achievement when they build it and a major confidence booster while also increasing their knowledge about our solar system.

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7. Country Trump Cards

Price Rs 299

Ages: 5-12 Years

Remember our WWF cards while growing up? Just like that this classic Trump Card Game is adapted into a geography game to teach kids about different countries and their famous monuments, facts, flags and much more. It can be used as FACT CARDS to learn about different countries or be played as a game of Trump Cards by comparing either of the three rankings of Happiness, Population and Area for every country card. Can also be used as Trading Cards among kids.

It improves general knowledges and helps them ace their geography class thereby building self-esteem and confidence. Another great travel game and a perfect game to play with friends and family.

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8. Route 99 

Price Rs 399

Ages: 5-103 Years

Who knew there could be mathematical card games as well? We all, as children, have feared maths once in our life. Some got over it, some got under it.

A fun card game based on car racing in which players are supposed to throw mile cards to add kilometres to their journey. The game takes a thematic UNO like approach to enhance the mental math skills of children. It’s a great way to improve your child’s rudimentary mathematics. For families playing together, you won’t even realise there was some math involved! This game is great for children across all ages and adults as well.

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9. Scrabble

Price Rs 764

Age 8-103 Years

Let’s not forget this classic word game! It’s one of the best ways to get your kids to recall whatever they’ve learnt, see how much of it can they put to practical use and at the same time get them to learn new words along the way! It’s one of the most productive and fun ways to spend time with them!

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10. Addition and Subtraction Puzzles 

Price Rs 225

Ages: 3-103 Years

Get your kids to put together these simple and easy to assemble jigsaws to solve simple addition and subtraction problems. This set includes 30 self-correcting three-piece puzzles with problem/sum on the first two pieces and the answer on the third piece concretely and visually. With the help of picture clues, children can count to find and check their answers and with the help of the activity book, the child will be able to further practise addition and subtraction skills and improve concentration, observation and visual discrimination skills.


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