10 Best Brain Games for Kids

While the rise in technology has bought about some mind-boggling changes and it’s great to be alive in this era that we’re living in, it does come with some consequences. There are many, but we’re only going to talk about how it has made things difficult for parents and children.

With the humongous number of gaming apps out there and more coming up every day, not to forget the networking apps, kids these days are on these devices the entire day. It has hampered their way of living in more than one way, one of them is learning. There is definitely no going back on living without these devices or depriving them of it at all costs seeing how important they’ve become especially since COVID-19, there can be some damage control done here. Below, there’s a list of brain games for kids we’ve mentioned so you can take them off the screen for some time and keep them engaged in some brain wracking activities. So scroll down and check out the list we’ve created.

1. Sudoku Game

Sudoku puzzles are one of the most played games in the world. This game requires immense concentration, develops problem-solving skills, improves logical thinking and memory and lastly keeps the mind active. One can start with the 1-4 sudoku puzzle game with their kids and then transcend to difficult levels as per their age. There are tonnes of sudoku puzzle printables online, so they can be printed and played too!


2. Checkers

This game is all about strategy! Checkers helps improve a child’s strategic skills, concentration, decision-making skills and keeps the brain going. Play this game during evenings or on game nights to cut the boredom and reduce the screen time as much as possible.


3. Math Buzz

This one’s one of the best brain games for kids! No kid likes to their homework, it’s such a humdrum! But if you do the same homework in the way of a game, see how much they’ll enjoy doing it! Use these colourful bees to teach or practice addition, subtraction, multiplication and more with this game. The best part about playing this game is that you’re improving their ability to solve math problems mentally.


4. Memory Card Games

Keep all the cards upside down and try to find as many pairs as you can. If you pick two cards and they don’t match, they have to put them back but keep in mind which card it was and where they’re kept. It requires major concentration and focus on everyone’s part, whether adults or kids. The faster you start with this game the better they get at concentrating and focusing. Try the Solar System Snap Cards. Not only is this one a memory game, but it is also a great way to teach kids about all things related to science!


5. Missionaries and Cannibal

This online puzzle game is all about bringing all the missionaries and cannibals from one side to another without the missionaries being eaten by the cannibals. If the number of cannibals are more than the missionaries on any side, the cannibals eat them up! It’s a great strategic and logical thinking game for kids! A must try!


6. Tangrams

This ancient Chinese puzzle can be reshaped into animals, letters, people and more. Playing with tangrams improves a child’s visual-spatial awareness, creativity and many mathematical concepts such as mensuration and geometry. Work through these puzzles to make those mathematical concepts crystal clear in a fun and engaging way.


7. Anagrams

Anagrams are words formed by rearranging letters from a set of jumbled words or a different word. Anagrams have an important relation with linguistic intelligence. Linguistic intelligence is the ability to organise the mind and speak and write in a structured manner. Every morning give them five or ten anagrams to improve their linguistic intelligence!


8. Scrabble

A classic and one of the most renowned games, couldn’t not be on the list! This game has to be a part of your family game-nights! Keep the dictionary close by while playing it. When in doubt if the word on your mind truly exists, look up the word and its meaning. And ta-da you’ve learnt a new word! Just by playing! An absolute classic!


9. Chess

This one’s one of the oldest games and an absolute classic! This game is a great way to introduce your kids not only to strategize but also to strategize long term. It nurtures the ability to think ahead. Carry this game even while you’re vacationing or on a Sunday afternoon with your kids and teach them all about the different rules of Chess!


10. Crosswords

Crossword puzzles are another way to improve a child’s vocabulary and their knowledge about different things. It’s a fun way to recall past information and boosts one’s knowledge. Start from an early age so that it becomes a habit and they carry it on into adulthood.


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