10 Best First Birthday Themes for Girls

People often wonder what’s so special about first birthdays since, in the words of Chandler Bing ‘jee if only she was one and knew what a birthday was’, babies are too small to understand the concept of birthdays, until the same people become parents themselves. It’s a celebration for the parents and their close ones and also a reminder that they’ve made it into one year successfully with all those sleepless nights and their crying. It’s a cause of celebration that their darling angel is healthy and happy.

So now that their first birthday is arriving soon, it does become a bit stressful with juggling your work, taking care of them and organizing the party. There’s so much planning that goes into it with the invitation cards, the colour of the balloons, the games, the food and the CAKE! Phew! So much work! But before any of that the most important thing is the theme! If you’re looking for the ideal theme for the party you’ve come to the right place because everything depends on it, i.e., if you’ve decided to throw a fancy party for them. We’ve curated a list of 10 themes which we felt would be perfect for their first! So keep scrolling for more!

1. Busy Bee

Dress them up as the ‘Queen Bee’ or in yellow as you wish! You can decorate the entire room with hanging dehydrated edible pineapples, bake honeycomb-shaped cookies and a chocolate dip to go along with it for all those sweet tooths! If you want to deviate from the usual and gift all the kids something educational in return, you can go ahead with the BEE SPELL BUZZ game!

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2. Minnie and Mickey Mouse

A clichéd but never too old idea for first birthdays is a Minnie and Mickey Mouse themed birthday party. The boys can be dressed in red and the girls can be dressed in pink! From Minnie and Mickey cupcakes and doughnuts to Mickey-themed return gifts, there’s room for so much creativity! Use red cups to serve lemonade, a Minnie and Mickey photo booth and a Minnie piñata! You can choose to add other classic characters and improvise as well!

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3. Frozen

One of the most exciting birthday themes for parents definitely has to be the Frozen themed party! There’s so much that can be done, from a 3-tier Elsa cake to Olaf bowling game! Don’t worry, it’s easy to organise these at home if you’re on a budget. Decorate the entire place with snowflake wall hangings, icy blue and white balloons, yellow or white fairy lights and polaroid pictures for your angel all around! Serve milkshakes and top it off with marshmallows, snowflake or Olaf shaped cookies with white and icy blue royal icing, or popsicles! Get some Frozen-quotes printed and ask the kids to paint them the way they want or an Olaf-blowing game for them!

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4. Donuts

Remember those balloon shooting games? Just replace the balloons with doughnuts. Whoever shoots a doughnut, gets that doughnut! Or hang doughnuts from the wall and tell the kids to eat them without using their hands to win gifts! Get them to decorate their own doughnuts the way they want and let them take it back home or get them to make their own doughnut necklace or bracelets! Make a giant doughnut piñata and fill it will chocolates, mini figurines and stationary! For return gifts, customise doughnut motif t-shirts for all the little munchkins!

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5. Unicorn

Decorate the entire place with lilac, baby pink balloons, unicorn figurine balloons and delicate lanterns. Since the theme is so magical, a magic show can be organised for all the kids, a small stall where they can make DIY unicorn-themed slime can also be organised which can be taken along with them back home! Lastly, a dessert table can be incorporated with unicorn-themed cake pops, sugar cookies, white chocolate dipped marshmallows and rainbow candies, all of which can be done at home if you wish so! If you’ve stuck to a strict unicorn theme birthday then don’t limit yourself when it comes to returning gifts! You can give away unicorn-themed puzzles as return gifts to all the kids or unicorn-themed slippers! There are so many options available on the internet to choose from!

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6. Bunny

If your girl’s birthday falls during summers you can organise an outdoor bunny themed birthday party as well! Make your own bunny-themed birthday banner! Serve the kids popcorn in an orange carrot cornetto! Remember the cute little cartoon character Miffy? Get customised Miffy cookies for everyone and serve some lemonade in bunny decorated cups and make your own bunny party hats at home!

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7. Polka Dots

Decorate the walls with pink, gold and cream banner hangers-on all sides, and with same coloured balloons everywhere with a flower wreath at the entrance! Use baby pink polka dot hats, plastic cups, plates to serve food! Use old mason jars with electric candles to decorate them around the corners to light the place up.

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8. Underwater

Jellyfish lanterns, fairy lights, blue and white balloons make a classy décor idea for an underwater-themed birthday party! Serve starfish-shaped cookies with blue royal icing and vanilla milkshakes to the kids. Don’t forget the Nemo piñata! If Nemo doesn’t fit in, in terms of colour, you can always go with a Dory piñata too!

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9. Jungle Theme

One of the most common birthday theme, the jungle-themed birthday party is a great idea if you love greens and nature! It’s also one the most budget-friendly theme too! Cut out leaves and make chimes, make summery drinks and serve them with green chocolate drizzles on twisters!

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10. Woodland Creatures

Celebrate your child’s birthday with some friendly forest creatures. There’s a lot of DIY activities involved. From invitations and banners to mushroom themed cupcakes and chocolate yule logs! It’s sure to be a major hit among the guests!

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All these themed birthdays can be organised at home too if you’re on a budget. Some other ideas you can use as a birthday theme for a 1-year-old could be Hello Kitty, Fairy, Disney Princess, Mermaid, Rainbow and Bubbles to name a few!

If you liked this article, do comment on what’s your favourite theme or if you have something you want to share with us to add more to the list. Also, check out 10 Best Birthday Themes For 1-Year-Old Boys and 10 Best Birthday Gifts For 12-Year-old Girls!


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