10 Best Birthday Return Gifts for Kids

Birthdays are a really exciting time for children. There are games, activities, the BOUNCE HOUSE and lets not forget the BIRTHDAY GIFTS!

But it can get really hectic for parents from deciding the theme and decorating to organising fun games and coming up with exciting return gifts for kids. And oh the pressure to throw the best birthday party with the best return gifts! We would do anything for our little munchkins!

Everything requires proper planning.

There are a bazillion options to choose return gifts online. To make your life easier we’ve made a list of return gifts that we think are best for children.

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DIY cushion covers is an amazing return gift idea which is a great way to spend time with children and make them do productive things.

All you have to go is buy cushions and plain cushion covers and decorate it the way you want to! Everything is under your control. Design it the way your child wants it, i.e., by painting geometric patterns or letterings, stitching pom-poms or just get customised photographs of your angels!


Picture Credit Pinterest


A fun DIY science activity kit which brings out the creativity in your children and you!

This box contains glycerine shavings, natural colours, fragrance and dried flower petals. If you want you can add a few of your own ingredients to suit your needs like essential oils. The entire process is under your control.

It’s safe, natural and brings a sense of accomplishment and happiness to children and is also a great way to make your kids do productive things when at home!

Picture Credit CocoMoco Kids


Let’s face it, kids LOVE slime (even some adults :P). Not only that, gifting slime kits to children has a lot of benefits.

It’s a great science activity! Mixing all these (safe) ingredients into something totally different just by stirring it is so fascinating and satisfying. It is an amazing way to make science fun!

Also, when you spend time with kids making it, it is a way of connecting with them by showing them that you are interested in what they love and enjoy doing.


Picture Credit Google images

Picture Credit Pinterest

To buy DIY Slime Kits check out products by Yucky Science on Amazon or Flipkart


They come in so many different shapes, sizes and colours.

We all have heard the phrase “a penny saved is a penny earned”. Inculcating in children the importance of saving is one of the most important lessons we teach them when they are young. Make it a habit by getting them to do weekly chores and give them those coins so that they can buy their favourite books or toys!

There is a myriad range to choose from. Shop them online or buy them from your nearest stores as the make good return gifts!


Picture credit Pinterest


Art sets are a dream come true for every child. They includes sketch pens, colour pencils, water colour cakes, a paint brush, a scissor, a pencil, a sharpener and an eraser all held together with a handle making it convenient to carry it from class to class.

Encourage your child to unleash their imagination and creativity and let them express themselves in the form of doodles, illustrations or letterings.

Picture credit first cry

Picture credit Amazon


Playing cards is a fun way to pass time on a hot summer afternoon or a rainy day. They help children learn strategy, develop social skills and enhances their memorising power.

Country Trump Cards is a geography card game which can be played with friends and family. It consists of a set of 50 country cards packed in a reusable tin box.

This classic Trump Card Game is adapted into a geography game to teach kids about 50 different countries and their famous monuments, fun facts, flags and much more.

It can be used as FACT CARDS to learn about different countries, OR be played as a game of Trump Cards by comparing either of the three rankings of Happiness, Population and Area for every country card. Can also be used as Trading Cards among kids.

This game improves general knowledge, interpersonal skills through social play, enhances cognitive skills and helps them ace their geography class thereby building self-esteem and confidence.

Make learning fun with these Trump Cards by buying them from Amazon, Flipkart, First Cry or from the official CocoMoco Kids site.

Other card games by CocoMoco Kids are Flag Frenzy and Route 99. To buy them click on the link given below.

Picture credit Amazon


According to a survey using mobile phones at night stimulates our brain. Not only that, the blue light emitted by those screens interferes with the production of sleep hormones.

Replace those phones with an alarm clock to wake your kids for school. It improves their sleep and it’s also a good show piece for their nightstand!

There is a wide range to choose alarm clocks online!

Picture credit Pinterest


India Map and World map with Reusable stickers: – These maps with reusable stickers activity kit comes with 100+ stickers of flags, currencies, labels for monuments, animals and famous places.

These kits are a fun way to learn about different countries and their locations and a great way to learn geography without making it boring.

The map is NON TEAR, wipe-able and colourfully illustrated. The sticker booklet includes 100s of reusable stickers and labels that go onto the map.

Comes rolled-up in a long tube to make it an amazing educational return gift!

Picture credit CocoMoco Kids


Picture Credit Amazon


These cute night lamps make really good decorative accessories for your child’s room.

They consist of warm LED lights inside which are comfortable to the eyes and use soft ecofriendly plastic. And they come in various cartoon moulds!

Picture Credit Pinterest

Picture Credit Amazon


Pencil bags with stationery: – A clichéd but never too old return gift can be gifted keeping in mind the theme of the birthday and you can incorporate fancy pens, cute erasers and even chocolates for all those sweet tooths inside those pouches!


Picture credit Pinterest

We all know that the key to success is creativity and innovation. So get your children to do more creative things as they learn to express themselves and discover what they love!

If you liked this article, do comment on which product you liked the most, or which products you have given so far during your birthday parties. Also check out our other articles – 10 Best Return Gift Ideas for 5 year olds and 10 Best Return Gifts Under Rs 200.


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