10 Best Birthday Gifts For 12 Year Old Girls

Think it’s easy to get a 12-year-old girl a birthday present, is it? Well, it’s not. It can only be easy to get a girl a gift when she’s given you a list of things she wants. There are certain things you might want to keep in mind when buying her one. Is she too choosy, or settles for anything? Is she the type who loves to dress up and apply nail polish (because that’s the only piece of makeup a 12-year-old is allowed at that age) and go for all the birthday parties or is she the type who doesn’t care about nail polish at all and loves to stay under the blanket and read a book?

Here are some ideas which might help you buy a birthday gift for your daughter, friend, niece or grand-daughter!

1. DIY Dream Catcher

In Native American culture, dream catchers are believed to keep bad dreams and evil spirits away. Hang these above the beds or anywhere else you like. These dreamcatchers make amazing décor ideas for their room! This set makes 3 of them.

Picture Credit CocoMoco Kids

2. Instax Camera

These cute little mini cameras make the perfect gift your angel who loves to take pictures. Get them printed instantly and use these pictures to decorate their room. They come in different shapes (check out their hello kitty edition too) and colours. There’s a variety of models to choose from! You can visit the official website or they’re also available on Amazon and Flipkart too!

Picture Credit Amazon

3. Sling Bag/Mini Back Pack/Tote bag

We all know a girl’s bag is filled with all kinds of, you know ‘just in case we need them’ stuff. Whether they’re going for a picnic or tuitions, a bag is essential while travelling. And let’s just agree, they are a fashion statement. From Hannah Montana themed sling bags to Frozen themed mini backpack and let’s not forget the Mickey Mouse totes available easily, thanks to e-commerce websites!


Picture Credit Pinterest

4. Planters

Planters, because who doesn’t want to wake up to a nice view?  Get your child their own plant kit and grow plants at home with them. It’s the first step to get them to be more responsible. This is an amazing DIY activity!

Picture Credit Chumbak

5. Personal Diary or Scrapbook

A personal diary is one of the best gifts you can give them. Give them a personal diary and encourage them to journal their thoughts as journaling helps understand their internal landscape. The more they write, the more they understand themselves and other people!

You can also replace that diary with a scrapbook where they can stick lots of travel pictures and get them to write a little something about their trip!

Picture Credit Pinterest

6. Digital keyboard

Encouraging children to play musical instruments has countless benefits including improved IQ and it’s a productive way to spend time! Gift your child a digital keyboard on their birthday and let their musical journey begin! If they don’t want to play the keyboards, guitars are also are a great replacement and can be given as a birthday gift!


Picture Credit Pinterest

7. Educational Card Games

When kids get bored of doing their homework, educational cards games is the route to take! From maths to english to science, there are so many educational card games available online. For example, the Route 99 is a fun card game based on car racing in which players are supposed to throw mile cards to add kilometres to their journey. It’s a  great way to enhance their mental math ability and is also a major confidence booster!


Picture Credit CocoMoco Kids

You can also try out english, geography and science games too!

8. Desk Lamp

Get them a quirky or an elegant lamp according to whatever they love the most and decorate their study to give a classy look to their room. There are so many shapes, sizes and designs available and at reasonable rates too!

Picture Credit Pinterest

9. Storage Box

Storage boxes are the perfect gift for girls to store their accessories or memorable souvenirs safely and stylishly!

Picture Credit Chumbak

10. iPad

Though they’re a bit on the expensive side, iPads are multifunctional gadgets where your child can play games, read books, listen to music and draw too! It’s a one-time investment and can be used productively.

Picture Credit Apple

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