10 Best Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

There’s no birthday without a cake obviously! While there are some people who don’t like cake, there are always so many options available today and the birthday has to be boring. You can go for a cheesecake or a cookie cake or even a profiterole cake for that matter!

From tall birthday cakes and cartoon themed birthday cakes to number birthday cakes and rainbow birthday cakes, there are tons of options available, LITERALLY! The best part is no one has to be a professional baker these days to bake and decorate them anymore, there are so many recipes available along with videos about birthday cake decoration ideas!

These cake themes in the list can be used for your boy or your girl, whether they’re one or two or fifteen or even twenty! So scroll down and choose the best from the lot, whichever suits best for the occasion! Celebrate a birthday by baking one of these stunning cakes for your kid’s next birthday!

But before we get into the list, here are some questions asked by you!

Q1. What can I do instead of a birthday cake?

It can be absolutely anything! It can be a tall cake, a mini strawberry cake or it can be a flan or a cheesecake, a profiterole cake, an ice cream cake or a cookie cake. These are just a few ideas mentioned. There is so much more you can do. You can also go for a cupcake for them with a candle! It’s always the thought that matters!

Q2. Which type of cake is best for birthday?

There’s no such type for best birthday cakes! Anything can become an amazing birthday cake!

Q3. Which Flavour is best in cake?

The best flavour in the cake is the flavour they love the most!

Coming to the list:

1. Tall birthday cakes

Whether it’s a pure chocolate cake filled with ganache and Ferrero Rochers and Nutella or a confetti cake with raspberry buttercream filling and swirls, a tall cake is a great idea for your kid’s next birthday cake! You can make a tall Kit-Kat cake, a tall cookie monster cake, a tall ombre cake decorated with macaroons or a unicorn-themed tall cake too! Some other options are strawberry dipped chocolates, m&m’s, kinderinos and crushed Oreos! Absolutely anything you want!

Tall chocolate birthday cake for kids


2. Animal themed birthday cakes or nautical themed birthday cakes

Madagascar or safari themed cakes are a must-try for one of their next birthdays if you haven’t’ already done that. Kids love animals and cartoons, so why not mix them together and go for an animal-themed cake? They’ll love this one!

Another theme birthday cake which parents opt for is the nautical-themed birthday cake, it’s all things blue and white and red! All the colours kids love!

Nautical themed birthday cake for kids


3. Number themed birthday cakes

These cakes became the rage just a few years and a major hit among everyone, whether they’re kids or adults! Bake 2 giant number cookies or sponge cakes and cut them into the desired numbers or alphabets! Fill whipped cream in the piping bag and use a circle nozzle to pipe it out! Decorate it with fresh fruits, macaroons, flowers and chocolates! A great cake idea for an Alphabet themed birthday party!

Number birthday cake for kids


4. Cartoon or Superhero themed birthday cakes

Bake a giant cupcake-shaped shape for this one, cover it with ganache and stick those white mini marshmallows to give a woolly look and make a Shawn the Sheep cake! You can also go for a Doremon or a Shinchan cake! If your kids love ice-age, you can also opt for a Sid-the sloth cake or the crazy squirrel in the cake!

If your boy is a fan of this famous superhero movie franchise, then you have to get an Avengers-themed birthday cake for them! If your boy is a huge Captain America fan specifically, this is the one. Cover the round sheet cake with white buttercream or whipped cream and add red, blue and white m&m’s in the shape of Captain America’s shield or you can always go for a fondant cake! TIP: Before setting the fondant on the cake, place red, white and blue circles (which you rolled before) and the star on top of one another according to the design and finally roll it so that it looks like the shield and then set it on the cake!

Captain America themed birthday cake for kids


5. Season themed birthday cakes

If their birthday falls during winters you can consider this theme! A vanilla cake filled with blueberry compote and cream cheese for the inside and an igloo with penguins hanging around the igloo! Remember the show Oswald and Johnny the snowman in it? Surprise them with Johnny the snowman cake or make an Olaf cake for them, they’re going to be delighted to see it! And if their birthday falls during the summers, a fresh fruit gateau cake would be lovely!

Winter themed birthday cake for kids


6. Ice cream birthday cake

Use any one of these recipes to make your ice cream at home and bake a simple sponge cake of your choice! Cut the cake in as many layers as you want and instead of adding buttercream on your cake, fill the cake with your homemade ice cream to it and add fresh fruits and nuts to it!

ice cream birthday cake for kids


7. Fruit cakes

If you’re planning on a tutti frutti theme for their birthday, a tutti frutti cake is a must! Go for a 2 tier fondant cake with watermelons and oranges. But if you’re not a huge fondant fan or are on a budget, you could get a pineapple cake with bits of pineapples and whipped cream filling inside. You can cover the outer later with yellow chocolate shards and green leaves to give it the shape and look of a pineapple!

fruit cake idea for kids birthday


8. Cookie cakes

All you need to do for this one is stack a bunch of thin, crispy large cookies one on top of another and fill it with cream between each later and some raspberries, blueberries or strawberries! That’s it! It’s so easy!

cookie birthday cake for kids


9. Cheesecakes

If your kids are in absolute aww of Unicorns, then bake a unicorn cheesecake for them! Top it with a sugar unicorn on it!

A chocolate cheesecake is another great idea too! If you’re going for a classic chocolate cheesecake, check out this super simple home-made chocolate cheesecake recipe!

unicorn cheesecake for kid's birthday


10. Rainbow themed birthday cake

If you’re going for a colourful rainbow-themed party or a VIBGYOR-themed party, you have to get a rainbow cake! Bake sponge cakes in all the colour you see in a rainbow and fill it with cream cheese frosting! Decorate it with colourful stars in the shape of a rainbow on the outside! Don’t forget to add a rainbow shaped cookie with royal icing in the colours found in a rainbow!

rainbow cake for kid's birthday


Let us know which theme you liked the most and which one you would bake for your kids in the comment box below!

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