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Travel Themed Birthday Party for Kids – Some Amazing Ideas

Here are some amazing ideas for a travel themed birthday party for kids. Check out cake ideas, birthday party games, party favors, and return gifts for a travel themed birthday party!

A Travel Themed Birthday Party Cake Decoration

A cake with clouds and hot air balloons is easy to make. Complete the theme with colorful clouds for decoration and hot-air balloon cupcakes!

Travel Themed Birthday Party

Hop On The Giant World Map – Party Activity

A travel themed birthday party needs a travel theme party game. Get this Giant World Map on which kids can hop and play the game of twister! This one is sure to be a hit with all the kids.

Travel Themed Birthday Party Game



Flag Banners For Decorations

You can compliment the decorations by making these attractive flag banners. You can even make this as an activity for kids to complete on their own!


printable world flags

Play Passports as Return Gifts

For Return Gifts for a travel themed birthday party, you can check out these lovely play passports.  Kids love to play with play passports! These come with a small play passport with pages for various countries. Also, it has stickers on flags, monuments, capital and language for each of the countries! Its a very educational and engaging activity for the kids to play.


Play World Bingo

A travel themed birthday party should have a party game on a travel theme! You can use this interesting game of Bingo or Housie that is based on countries instead of numbers. So instead of number tickers, each child will receive a map to play with. There can be mini prizes for each of the countries completed plus a mega prize for the full map!



Hope you got some great ideas for a fantastic travel themed birthday party!

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