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Top Resources to Improve General Knowledge For Kids

One subject that many Indian student often struggle with is General Knowledge. In our syllabus oriented education system, the fluid nature of G.K is often a misfit. General Knowledge is not something that is limited to politics, current affairs, sports or sciences. The amount of general knowledge one has obtained has strong correlation to other learning traits like intelligence, problem-solving and open mindedness.

That is why, general knowledge is widely used to gauge competence during entrance tests. The trick is that gaining the massive amount of general knowledge requires effort and habits that form during early education. A student cannot read-up all the G.K right before the entrance test. A student with strong general knowledge stands out precisely because it is a fruit of long-term quest for knowledge. So how can a parent help a child in developing these habits early on?

Join a Children’s Book Club :

Reading is a great activity, not only to improve language and comprehension, but also general knowledge. Your child does not necessarily need to read only boring encyclopedias to improve at general knowledge. Reading a variety of fictional books also introduces new concepts, ideas and words that help improve general knowledge! But what if your child is not a book worm? You can still make him join a book club where he gets to learn and discuss a variety of books with other kids. He may not necessarily read all the books, but knowing about different characters and story themes is sure to invoke his interest in the world of learning!


Child-friendly Activity Books:

Enroll your child to child friendly news magazines and activity books that provide small reading bytes for children. A daily habit of solving a crossword puzzle or similar activities based on general knowledge theme can help introduce information to kids in an engaging way.

Interactive Educational Games:

Of course, what is better than mixing education with entertainment. Children may not like studying all day, but if a little bit of study is packed during their play time, isn’t that better? Interactive games like “Hop On The World Map” or “World Bingo” can make learning general knowledge a lot of fun.

Teach Indian States and Capitals with India Map for kids

Quality Infotainment for Kids:

The kids in the internet age are going to consume a lot of media on the internet and the T.V. But by channelizing their screen time towards more infotainment options like National Geographic or TED or T.V programs like Dora and Mister Maker. We found this TED-Ed channel quite interesting for short, interesting and educational clips that can be a great tool for tweens and teenage kids.

Dining Table Debates:

A Kitchen table discussion on World War? Hmm.. Is it really as bizarre as its sound? Not so much. Many kids with excellent general knowledge have parents who themselves take a lot of interest in world events and involve themselves in detailed discussions over a variety of topics. A family where ideas are exchanged freely is a great breeding ground of kids with open minds. Plus a regular habit of debating and defending one’s point of view is a life skill that comes very handy in real life situations. Though beware – this habit may come back and bite you someday when your dinner time turns into a heated debate and your child ends up defeating you on an argument!


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