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Top 7 Unique Return Gift Ideas for Travel Themed Birthday

If you are a travel buff and planning to organize a travel themed birthday party for your kid, you should check out some of our unique return gift ideas for travel themed birthday for kids. These are unique games and activities that are fun to play and also very educational and entertaining. They are also prized attractively to fit your budget!


Age 3-5: Preschoolers

#1 Zoo Passport

This sticker based activity is perfect for preschoolers who are learning about animals, their babies, their sounds and their home. The cute animal pictures and stickers are very attractive for kids and double up as coloring activity too!


#2 Road Bingo

This is a magnetic board game that can be easily carried on road trips. The child can remain engaged in this activity spotting the various vehicles and objects on the road. A big favorite of parents who love road trips!


#3 Me On My Map

Me on My Map is a coloring-cum-educational activity to introduce the concept of places, countries and continents to very young children.



Age 5-7:

#4 Play Passport

Our biggest hit among parents, teachers and children, this play passport is a sticker activity. The child learns about various countries, their flags, capitals and monuments through a fun sticker activity. This is sure to be a hit among all age groups and a must have if you are planning a travel themed party for kids!


#5 Around the World Puzzle.

This is a jigsaw puzzle which assembles into a world map. Packed in a cute round box, it simple, educational and entertaining for kids.

puzzle 2

Age 7-10:

#6 A Travel Scrapbook

This travel scrapbook is a very innovative gift for kids who have begun writing. This cute scrap book can be easily carried on trips and is a great way to encourage kids to write on their own!


#7 World Map Kit

This interactive world map is designed just for kids! Our winning product that is sure to kindle every child’s interest in learning about countries. Its colorful, attractive and full of pictures for kids to easily recognize and associate with new place! Again, a big hit with all kids and a must have for every parent.


All of our products are designed with love for learning and our passion to make learning fun for kids. Hope that our love reaches your home and hearts through our products!


Because Learning Is Fun!

Team CocoMocoKids

One Comment

  • Poptop Children Parties

    November 10, 2016 at 9:10 pm

    Thanks a lot for sharing!
    Your idea is very involving – for both kids and adults. It is truly educational and entertaining. While playing kids can peacefully learn more about other countries and travelling.
    I am trying to make the same for my nephew’s birthday party, I have a question: how many pages are in the zoo passport? What info is included there?


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