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Top 5 Offbeat Birthday Party Themes for children – boys and girls

Planning a birthday party for your kid? Whether it’s a boy or a girl, there are lots of offbeat party ideas different from the standard ‘Princess’ birthday party theme or the ‘Cars’ birthday party theme.

Here are 5 awesome birthday party ideas that are sure to entertain the kids and make other parents say go WOW!

1. Around the World
Organize an “Around the World” birthday party for your child with lots of exciting options for decor, invites, food, cake, birthday return gifts and party favours, activities and games.
The general theme can be either airplanes, earth, world map or it can be a trip through different countries. Play a game from one country, eat food from another, do an activity about a third country.
Traveller Kids ( has ‘Boarding Pass’ Birthday invites for Rs. 35 each, birthday party games like ‘Hop Around the World’ for Rs. 999 and ‘King of the World Bingo’ for Rs. 300. They also have fun activities that can be done in the birthday parties like ‘Earth Sun Catcher’ for Rs. 30, ‘Jester Hat’ for Rs. 35 and ‘Customized Table Mats’ for Rs. 80. There are also decore items like danglers (Rs. 400 for 5) and happy birthday banners (Rs. 350).

2. Art Attack
Kids love art and craft, and what better way for them to spend the day than doing their favourite activity?
The general theme can be famous paintings (mona lisa), artists, easels & brushes or art forms. The cake can be a famous painting or an easel or a brush. The food can be extremely colourful regular food. Use more of carrots, beetroots, etc. to add more colour!
Your invite can be a coloring activity in itself or a join the dots colouring activity. For return gifts, you can make hampers from standard things which are available and add a nice book from the local bookstore. Colouring Sets, pencils, crayons, paints, brushes, easels, coloring books, sketch pads

3. Hawaiian Beach
A Hawaiian beach party is very easy to organize even in the mountains!!
Invitation cards can be made by hand or printed and little cocktail umrellas can be pasted on top. Every child can be given a welcome garland of marigold or orchids.
The drinks and food can be very summery like coconut water and fresh cut fruits.
There is plenty of hawiian music is available on you tube to play and there are good games like hoolahoops which can add to the fun.
The cake can a beach shack and return gifts can be sun glasses, umbrellas, bandana, hats, etc.
If you wish, you can even have a sand/mud castle building contest in the backyard!!

4. Off to space
Which kid doesn’t like space! A space theme party can be a lot of fun to organize.
Invitation cards can be fake NASA ID Cards which you can put in the standard ID tag lanyards all schools provide.
You can make green balloon aliens by drawing on the balloons with a marker pen.
You can make coke + mentos rocket launchers, green drinks could be space drinks. If you can get your hands on neon glasses, sticks they could also be space wear.
Crunchie food can be meteorites and astroids. If you have time you can convert a cardboard box into a walk in space shuttle. As they say Sky is the limit with what you can do.

5. Fun in the Jungle
I can safely say, every kid loves animals and the jungle and it makes for a great birthday party theme. Birthday party invitations can be animal passport, or a tree/animal shaped card. Kids can be given hats, jackets, binoculars, etc to feel like on a safari. Animal photo cutouts can be put. You can even decide on a

Over the next few weeks, I’ll detail each one of these out so you can just go around and pick the stuff.
Hope you like it and hope your kids have a great birthday.

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  • azimabdul

    October 19, 2015 at 12:40 pm

    It seems like birthday parties for kids have gotten out of control these days. i have one suggestion for inviting kids, create invitations on your home computer. You can find great themed invitation designs on internet, which you can then print on your computer.


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