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Top 10 FunSkool games of all times

FunSkool is India’s leading toys and games company whose products every child – boy or girl has played with. It is a partner for Hasbro toys and games in India. We went through their catalog and chose the top 10 toys and games in India. These are great as birthday gifts, and birthday return gifts.

  1. Funskool Hungry Hippos
  2. Funskool Playdoh Breakfast Buffet
  3. Funskool Pictureka Game
  4. Funskool Travel Ludo
  5. Funskool Battleship
    Funskool BattleShip CocoMocoKids Birthday Return Gifts
  6. Funskool Scotland Yard
  7. Funskool Kitchen Sets
  8. Funskool Game of Life
  9. Funskool Jenga
  10. Hasbro Monopoly Electronic Banking Board Game
  11. Funskool Connect 4


When looking for birthday gifts, birthday return gifts for children 3 to 12 years do look for new innovative products which parents and children have not seen or recieved in the past. Also always remember that cheap plastic products cause plastic pollution which in the end is going to affect our children in the future. Plastic takes as many as 200 years to degrade.

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