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Unique and Innovative Kids furniture that every child will fall in love with. There is a little story and play associated with every piece that will make you think why you didn’t have this as a kids yourself!

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Kids today are surrounded by an endless stream of distractions. Televisions, iPads, cell phones and video games are all designed to entice and thrill. How, then, do you parents encourage their children to engage in more important activities like learning?
Besides engaging the little ones in games, we want to introduce you to kids furniture that also acts as a learning tool. Yes, it’s more than just furniture! Your child will be eager to learn and even study time will no longer be a battle! Now your child’s room turns into a zone of creative learning.
Animal tables
Children have an innate curiosity about animals. Our animal study tables for kids are so designed to harness that curiosity and use it to make learning fun. Choose from colourful tables featuring adorable pandas, tigers, lions and cows. Preschoolers can build their imaginations around them and express their thoughts and ideas freely.
The tables require simple assembly and no professional experience is needed. They’re appropriate for both home use and preschools.
‘House’ chairs and cupboards
Role play is incredibly important for kids’ overall development. It builds social skills and teaches teamwork and empathy. Language skills develop as they learn to communicate with those around them. They also learn to play out what they’ve observed in real life situations. With so much to gain from the simple act of role play, we’ve designed ‘house’ chairs, cupboards and beds for kids that they’d love to use. Instead of being mere utilitarian objects for storage, seating and sleeping, kids can play with them and step into the shoes of different people in their lives and in their imaginations. Vibrant colours of pink, orange, green, blue and yellow as well as the attractive design will encourage your child to unwittingly give wing to his creativity.
The cupboards are available in various sizes from small to large while the chairs come in one size. Both require simple assembly that’ll be done in no time.