World Map Activity Kit with Reusable Stickers

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  • Includes a 3 x 2 ft washable, non-tear world map with pictures of monuments, animals and a lot more drawn all over it.
  • Kids identify and learn about different countries by placing stickers of flags, monuments, animals, currencies and label stickers of names of countries in their right places.
  • You also spot the seven wonders of the world drawn on map and label them with stickers
  • Ideal birthday gift and return gift

Age: 4-12 years

A non-tear, colourfully and beautifully illustrated (3 X 2 feet) world map designed with our unique K.I.D ideology to introduces your little one to the world by putting it within the reach of small fingers and soft palms! Printed on a non-tear washable material, it is full of bright colours and adorable graphics of monuments, animals, and other iconic places. The provided reusable sticker labels are neatly designed and include information about country names, their flags and currencies. With knowledge value enhanced by colourful, adorable graphics and an experiential paste-and-match approach, this one is a must-have for every child! Contents: A non-tear, washable 3 X 2 feet World Map 100+ Reusable sticker labels Of countries, their capitals, and currencies. The joy of a toy!

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