World Box


  • Includes 1 Play Passport kit which comes with a date stamp for immigration and stickers of visas, flags, monuments, and languages of different countries.
  • Interactive World Map Kit: 3 ft x 2 ft non-tear colourfully illustrated world map with 100 stickers of country names, monuments, animals, flags and currencies. Kids paste these stickers onto the right locations on the map.
  • A fun travel scrapbook to record the memories and stories of different trips. With stickers
  • 50 Country Trump Cards which are fact cards on different countries and can be traded with friends!
  • Immigration Stamp, stamp pad

Age: 5-12 years

Our bestselling kit with learning and fun packaged into one! Introduce your little one to the magical vast world in the most fun and engaging way. Designed with love using our K.I.D ideology, our World Box uses the best from our A.G.E.S series. Spanning across artistic, growth-oriented and smart domains based on an experiential-based learning model, this kit is a great way to introduce your little one to the world geography. With an ideal mix of an interactive world map, a travel scrapbook, set of 10 country trump card, and a travel passport kit, this kit entitles your child to be a citizen of the Republic Of COCOMOCO- A place where only fun resides! Includes 1. A play-passport kit – First step to global fun! Contains information about the flags, languages, visas and monuments of 12 countries and comes with a special immigration stamp to help them learn the experiential and artistic way. 2. Interactive World Map Kit – A 3 X 2 feet, non-tear and washable colourfully illustrated world map which has 100+ stickers to teach your little one about different countries, their flags, currencies and monuments. 3. Travel Scrapbook – A cute-looking, A-5 size travel scrapbook loaded with emotion-based stickers and a checklist, in the beginning, to help in developing and habituating the writing skills of your little one. 4. 10 collectable country trump card with colourful photographs of countries, their flags and monuments with fun facts about them. Collect them all to play the classic trump card game based on rankings of happiness, population and area.

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