World Bingo Geography Game


  • A game to learn countries and continents
  • World bingo is made for kids to learn about different continents
  • It is a fun multi-player game that can be played in a classroom, birthday party, playdates or at home
  • Bingo is a very popular game around the world. It is very similar to tombola
  • 9 Re-usable world map sheets, 54 country coins, 1 board included in the pack

Age: 5-11 years

CocoMoco Kids was inspired by our love for travel and we felt the need to share this passion with everyone, especially the little ones. we make educational games, toys and craft activities inspired from different countries around the world, with the intent of teaching kids about these places and improving their geography. our games not only unleash the hidden explorers in kids but also aim at teaching them languages, improving their English and general knowledge as well. they enable learning and development and building hobbies.

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