Soap Making Kit



  • Type: French soap making kit
  • Colour – Multicolour
  • Includes – handmade glycerin soap, natural lemon essential oil, natural colour dye, natural loofah scrub, mould

Age: 5-12 years

Make Your Own Soap. All Natural Do it yourself activity. Love doing experiments? Make your own soap at home with this simple soap making kit. Unleash the hidden scientist inside you! For the experiment lover inside you and your child alike! Ideal for all ages above 6 years, our soap making kit has everything you will need to make soap of your choice – handmade glycerine soaps, natural colour, rose water, natural loofah scrub, 2 plastic moulds and dried flower petals. Or you can be more creative and use a natural ingredient of your choice or dried petals of the flower you love. Safe and natural this one is ideal for both, your child and the child inside you! Makes 2 soaps.