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Nature Friendly DIY Activities #savewater

It’s only in English nursery rhymes that children can sing “Rain, Rain, go away”. On the contrary, we, in India, just love rains and can’t get enough of it.  All our nursery rhymes are replete with songs welcoming the monsoon from “Barish aayi chham chham chham” to “Aav re varsaad” or “ Paus aala”.


In fact, not only kids, we all love rains. Monsoon, other than being a heat buster, also brings us closer to nature.  After the rainy day, our world starts to look cleaner and greener with the leaves on trees free from all the dust, the roads washed clean and the air feeling fresher. So let’s use this opportunity to teach our  children a little bit more about nature.

1. Grow a new plant this monsoon

Teach your little ones about how food grows and where vegetables and rice comes from. What better way but to show them by actually doing it! Get a little pot and some soil. You can even use an old bucket or an old earthen pot. Get some seeds. Methi seeds or even regular whole wheat works if you are doing the exercise as a demonstration for your child. Help your child sow the seeds and teach them to water them. Let the child take the responsibility of watering the plant everyday and watch her get excited as the seeds germinate and grow each day.

Learning: The child learns about the natural phenomenon of germination and gains appreciation for nature. Also, the child learns to be more responsible by taking care of his/her plant.


2. Teach them about water cycle

With water all around, monsoon gives the right opportunity to teach your child about water cycle. Start by asking simple questions like – how are clouds formed? What happens to the water after it rains?  How do we get water in our taps and ultimately where does it goes? Once the child understands the importance of water, you can encourage them to save water and use it judiciously.

Learning: The child learns about natural resources and its importance


3. Do this little DIY activity with your child and save litres of water everyday in your home.

  • Get an empty 1 litre plastic bottle.
  • Fill atleast half of it with anything heavy like stones and sand.
  • Go to the toilet. Lift open the toilet flush tank. You will see it full of water. Don’t worry, this is clean water.
  • Put the plastic water bottle in the flush tank.
  • Make sure it’s not floating or moving. Put more stones in the bottle if it’s floating.
  • Now, turn on the flush and make sure that the bottle is not moving while flushing.

Voila, that’s it. Now, your toilet will use 1 litre less water with every flush.

You can also click a photo of this and register your child as a water warrior at


4. Teach them about dry waste and wet waste

This is an important lesson to teach especially since waste management is really critical in India but hardly practiced. Get 3 small buckets for dustbins – one for paper waste, second for plastics  and third for wet waste. You can teach your child about which dustbin needs to be used for the different types of waste.

Learning: The child learns about differentiating various types of objects and their impact on nature.


5. Teach them about reduce, reuse and recycling

Once you have the paper and plastic wastes segregated, you can explain to them how these items can be recycled. Also, emphasize on reduce and reuse of everything in our daily lives. You can also explain them how we can conserve resources like trees by reducing the use of paper.

Learning: The child learns about nature conservation.

These simple activities will hardly take any time, but teach your child life long lessons on loving the nature and valuing what we have. That is sure to go a long way..


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