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Introducing Geography For Kids Using Activities and Games

Geography for kids sounds like a boring subject, but it’s not! Very misunderstood – yes, it is! Most people think that geography is all about mugging up boring facts and figures. But anyone who has ever had a good geography teacher will tell you this – Geography is all about knowing your world!

Geography is about people, places and their stories! Geography is about inspiring children to look beyond what they know about the world. Geography for kids is all about making them understand that the world is full of surprises and there is something new to learn from every place and it’s people.

It’s true that our extremely boring syllabus does make the subject look quite bland. And hence the need for parents and teachers to use innovative teaching tools that can make the subject appealing to young children.


Goodbye boring maps, Welcome Cute and Child-Friendly Maps

Conventional maps come with too much details, which makes them quite dull and boring for children. Instead, choose a colourful and interactive map as the first map for your little one. It should have big fonts that the child can read and pictures representing the various places on the map.

Geography for kids,Interactive Map for kids


Introduce games based on Geography and Travel themes

Pick a jigsaw puzzle that teaches about the various continents. Or you can pick a game of Bingo that is based on countries, cities or such similar themes. You can even make your very own game of bingo at home based on the theme of your choice!


Introduce game play while teaching

Interactive game play is great for children to learn new topics. If your child plays with trump cards, introduce trump cards based on the countries of the world. Children love playing with cards and will not even realize when they learnt about the names of countries and their capitals. If your child is older, you can even have a very own DIY version made by your child as a school project!



Travel and Shop

This is obviously more fun for the mommies. So, every time you visit a new place, buy a small souvenir representing the place. Let is be something child friend, so that you do not end up worrying when he plays with it. It can be a key-chain of Dodo bird if you are in New Zealand, or a set of Matryoshka dolls from Russia. Each place has a story to tell and children will remember the place if you connect the place with stories they know!

Be creative and stay in the lookout for interesting tools to teach your child outside the classroom! Good luck with unleashing the explorer in your child!

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