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Innovative game ideas for an unforgettable birthday party!

Are you thoroughly bored with the same old theme ideas for birthday parties, the same old musical chair and the same old housie games? Well, all of us are. So if you planning for a “hatke” birthday party or simply looking for new birthday party ideas for kids  to make sure that your kids and their friends have a memorable time together, here are some interesting and innovative party games that are educational and super fun at the same time!


World Bingo

World Bingo helps children learn locations and names of different countries and is played just like Tambola/Housie. But instead of number tickets, each child gets a blank world map with the names of a few countries mentioned. The referee picks and reads out the country name from the coins, and the children have to colour the country being read out, if it’s marked on their respective world map sheet. The game is played till one child gets a “full-world” that is, all the countries marked on his map are called out. You can also give out mini prizes for each of the continents similar to the first, middle and last line combinations in the regular housie.

Hop on the World

The Hop on the World game is like Twister but with a twist. All you need for this game is a child friendly Giant World Map – the bigger, the better. Now make chits with the names of places and specify an arm or a leg. For e.g. India, right arm. Now, to play this game, you pick a chit and call out the name and the arm/leg. Children will have to locate the spot and place the mentioned arm/leg on it. As the game progresses, kids will have to spot new places and twist and turn in funny ways to keep up with their spots. A great way to get a lot of grins and giggles and teach them to spot a few places.


Spell Buzz

A spelling bee game is perfect for those casual play-dates on weekend. All you need are little bees with spellings and point written on it, all piled into basket. Children sit in a circle and the first child draws a bee and gives it to the child sitting next. The second child will call out the word. for. eg. Apple. Now the first child who had drawn the bee will have to spell the word. If he spells it right, he gets to keep the bee and the points. Like wise the game continues. This is a great game for some down time after a lot of running around.


Diversity Squares

This is a fast paced card matching game  great for increasing concentration and reflexes. Diversity squares are colourful cards, each having seven different patterns drawn on it. Between any two cards there is one and only one matching pattern. For the game, equal number of cards are distributed to kids. First card is placed on the table at random. Now all participant have to try to find the matching pattern between their open card and the card on the table. Whoever is able to spot the pattern first, put his card down. Now this becomes the card on the table and game continues till one participant gets rid of all his cards.

Do try out these for the next party and don’t forget to let us know how much fun you had with them!

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