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How To Cultivate Good Study Habits At Home?

We all want to inculcate the best study habits in our kids. On of the most actionable of these habits is to get them to start doing their homework on their own. Whether the child is naughty, gets frustrated or has low attention when it comes to boring homework, there are some very simple ways of getting them to be good students. Khyati Pathak recently wrote this excellent article on MyCity4Kids.

Here are the main pointers:

  • Start Young
    Experienced teachers recommend that parents start getting involved in their child’s study when the child begins school.
  • Setting up a homework desk
    As soon as the child starts bringing homework, assign a comfortable and distraction free area for her to complete her assignments.
  • Follow the timetable
    Fix a time for homework – it should be when the child is not too tired or distracted.
  • It is their homework, not yours
    Do not make your child’s homework your homework.

At the end, it’s basically the right mix of positive attitude towards learning, regular study habits and encouragement that will go a long way in promoting the joy of learning!

Read the entire article here at MyCity4Kids.

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