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Furniture That Inspires Every Child’s Imagination

It’s the month of March, the month of many changes. The weather is changing and so is the academic calendar. Kids are writing their final exams and eager to graduate to the next class. Summer vacations are not far behind.

So while we were brainstorming our heads around what new interesting games can we design for kids this year, we came up with the idea of inspiring furniture. After all, where does a child spend most of his time at home? Of course, in their rooms. It’s their personal play area where they create their own imaginary world. It’s where the soft-toys become play-mates and castles are built under the bed sheets.

And so we thought, why not create a kids furniture range that is designed keeping in mind the child’s imagination and creativity? And so we created this inspiring collection that little explorers will love to have in their room.

The Zoo Table:

We want kids to be excited about study. So their study table need not be a boring desk which makes them feel that homework is a chore. And so our artists designed the Lion King table, the Kung-fu-panda table and pet cow table which can become a child’s friend to play and study with!

cow study table - TB02A Lion table Kuriouskid 2 - Copy

A Playhouse Chair:

Remember the time when your child drew a home for the first time? Or created a play house from the bed sheets? Well, we got a real house chair for a child to sit on and also use as a playhouse for pretend play.

2 kuriouskid home chair back view croped5 1kuriouskid house chair blue high res 1better


The House Cupboard:

Sometimes kids think of cupboards as a dump-yard. So we thought, what can encourage a child to keep his cupboard clean? What if the cupboard is a part of his play, like a mini house where he can set up things according to himself. If you have an independent child who likes to express his individuality, he would love having a personal space that’s all for him to play with.

2  kuriouskid house cupboard  open view hulk size5 1 kuriouskid house cupboard  front view hulk size4


So are you ready to pick this attractive collection to brighten up your child’s room decor this summer vacation? Visit this page to check out the complete collection. And don’t forget to leave your comments on what you think about it!

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