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Are you spending enough quality time with your child?

  You want to watch your favorite show at 10, but you are barely awake by then. School, homework, classes, dinner and bedtime – and the routine goes on and on. Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood!   With young kids and a list of chores, times starts crawling…

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5 Top Christmas Gifts for Kids!

Christmas is just around the corner and children are already waiting eagerly for Santa and his Christmas Gifts. So how do you pick a Christmas gifts for kids that are novel, attractive, useful, engaging, entertaining and educative. So here’s a quick list of gifts ideas depending on the child’s personality: 1. Activity…

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How To Cultivate Good Study Habits At Home?

We all want to inculcate the best study habits in our kids. On of the most actionable of these habits is to get them to start doing their homework on their own. Whether the child is naughty, gets frustrated or has low attention when it comes to boring homework, there…

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5 effective tools to make learning fun and interactive

Every child enjoys learning. Learning essentially involves a new experience and our brains are wired to like everything new. However, somewhere in the monotony of formal education, children start associating “learning” with “chore”. When anything becomes work, it stops being fun.   And that is a challenge for parents as…

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5 Rules To Encourage Your Child To Read

Now, if you are an avid reader yourself, you probably know the secret. But, what if you are a parent who hates reading yourself.. There are many parents who do not read much themselves but wish to inculcate good reading habits in their children. And it’s a great thing. But,…

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Nature Friendly DIY Activities #savewater

It’s only in English nursery rhymes that children can sing “Rain, Rain, go away”. On the contrary, we, in India, just love rains and can’t get enough of it.  All our nursery rhymes are replete with songs welcoming the monsoon from “Barish aayi chham chham chham” to “Aav re varsaad”…

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Around the World Birthday party theme with airplane birthday cake and return gifts

10 Children’s Birthday Theme Cake Ideas

10 Children’s Birthday Theme Cake Ideas Single layer or three-tiers – cakes are what kids look forward to on their birthdays! Here are some interesting theme cakes that you could have to get the party rolling! Underwater – An exciting theme for a cake displaying diverse marine life and colours…

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