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10 Unique Birthday Return Gifts under Rs. 100

For your kid’s next birthday party let’s step away from cheap Chinese toys and standard character-based gifts and give the kids birthday return gifts which are something useful and unique. You can either choose educational games or active games, things which require kids to either exercise their brains or their bodies. Such…

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10 Unique Birthday return gifts upto Rs. 50

Incase you are looking for unique birthday return gifts upto Rs. 50, you have lots of options which are not only innovative but also will be appriciated by kids and parents and not cause plastic pollution. Note Wallets Wallets are an excellent birthday gifting option for kids because it introduces them…

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Office with dogs in India

Not many people know this but CocoMoco Kids was inspired by our founder’s dog –  Coco, the dashund. As we turn 5 years, our content team thought it would be best to run a week long feature around our inspiration and our Chief Entertainment Officer, Coco who we all love…

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Top 10 FunSkool games of all times

FunSkool is India’s leading toys and games company whose products every child – boy or girl has played with. It is a partner for Hasbro toys and games in India. We went through their catalog and chose the top 10 toys and games in India. These are great as birthday…

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Furniture That Inspires Every Child’s Imagination

It’s the month of March, the month of many changes. The weather is changing and so is the academic calendar. Kids are writing their final exams and eager to graduate to the next class. Summer vacations are not far behind. So while we were brainstorming our heads around what new…

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Why Are Puzzles So Good For Your Child’s Development

We all know that puzzles are a great mental exercise. But what is it about puzzles that make them so good at stimulating cognitive skills in growing children? What are the specific skills that puzzle play help develop? How can we use puzzles for kids to improve their cognitive abilities?…

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Raising a son who respects women

We all talk about how this country is not safe enough for our daughters.  But are we talking enough on how to raise our sons such that they grow up respecting women? Thankfully though, the dialogue has at least begun. More and more parents today realize the importance of raising…

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10 Positive Mantras For Every Mom To Remember

Dear Mommies, we have heard many of you confess about your mommy guilt – that nagging voice in your head that spews negative self-talk about everything, seeks perfection in every task and constantly worries about every remote possibility of a disaster. So we thought of putting together this list of…

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Top Resources to Improve General Knowledge For Kids

One subject that many Indian student often struggle with is General Knowledge. In our syllabus oriented education system, the fluid nature of G.K is often a misfit. General Knowledge is not something that is limited to politics, current affairs, sports or sciences. The amount of general knowledge one has obtained…

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