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Activities To Introduce New Words and Spellings

Why do teachers and educationist put so much emphasis on vocabulary development? Why is learning new words important for child?

Education research suggest a strong co-relation with language ability, comprehension and general ability. As children begin interacting with the world, much of the information he gathers is through language. Sounds, words, context, emotions – all come together for the child to comprehend the situation. A child with a strong vocabulary and understanding of words is easily able to grasp new concepts.


One thing that parents can do to improve their child’s vocabulary is to make the child more word-aware. This simply means making the child aware about new words that he/she encounters, pay attention to learning its meaning and then try to use the word during conversations. This simple habit can ensure that the child becomes more aware towards new words and tries to use a variety of words in daily conversation.


Another great way is to teach new words is to teach conceptually related words together. So you can teach them about an emotions, say joy, and then ask them to think of all the words they can think related to joy. Teaching opposites is another great way to introduce new words. You can use flash cards with various pictures. The child has to pick a card and say a word related to the picture as well as its opposite.


You can also try playing word games on play dates. Playing a game of Antonym Bingo can be a great way to engage children meaningfully while they learn new words and also have a lot of fun while doing so. Its similar to the game of Housie or Bingo, but instead of numbers, you are given word tokens to pick. Once a word is pick, the child has to think of its opposite and strike the word from his ticket.TKUAB-M-1-2x

There are many other word games that can be used to introduce new words to young children. Reading a variety of stories, teaching kids about new topics, playing Spell Buzz can all be used a simple and fun way to introduce new words to children. Spell Buzz is a group game where children get bees and points for correctly spelling a word.

spellbuzz 1

These simple games and activities will make your child aware about new words and make him more aware about grasping and using new words as he hears them!

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