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8 Birthday Candle Ideas for kids you can buy in India and pair with birthday return gifts

Continuing our series on organizing a unique birthday party for your child, this week we focus on a little part which every child is super excited about – their birthday candle.

At the bare minimum you can put 2 candles and then you can put as many candles as the age of the child but there is so much more fun you can have with this little thing.
Here are 10 unique birthday candle ideas for kids which are sure to add more fun and also make your child’s birthday party the talking point amongst all parents and kids.

Unique Birthday Party Candle Ideas to pair with birthday return gifts

  1. Number Candles
    As the name suggests, these candles come in various numbers and you can buy a number corresponding to the age of the child.
    numbers birthday party candles to pair with any birthday return gifts
  2. Cracker Candles
    Oh, these are so much fun. Cracker Candles are like little firecrackers on a birthday cake and they light up for around 10 seconds and are great for excitement and photo opportunities. They will especially be useful if you have a space themed birthday party and have space theme return gifts for the birthday.
    cracker birthday party candles for magic birthday theme
  3. Birthday Letter Candles
    Birthday letter candles spell out the letters – H – A – P – P – Y -B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y and are innovative and very unique. They are perfect incase you are planning a alphabets, spelling or English birthday party theme with educational games as birthday return gifts.
    letters birthday party candles
  4. Character Theme Candles
    Love them or hate them, kids are going to love their characters and a theme party with such return gifts will be a hit, whether they are Chota Bheem return gifts, My little Poly return gifts, Barbie return gifts or minnions return gifts. Every character has candles now, like this very cute minnions candle.
    character themed birthday party candles to pair with any birthday return gifts
  5. Musical Animated Candle
    This one is my favourite and there is no way any child can say they don’t like it. The musical animated candle is perfect for any theme birthday party for your child. They light up, make music and move, what else can you expect from the little candle. Who ever invented it, deserves an award. Musical animated candles can be paired with any birthday return gifts.
    musical birthday party candles to pair with any birthday return gifts
  6. Magic Relighting Candles
    Magic! Which young or old can say that a little magic is not required in life. The Magic relighting candles keep relighting every time you blow them. The secret to a successful magic candle party is to not tell the birthday boy or girl that the candles are magic. Surprise! Needless to say, magic relighting candles are perfect for any magic theme birthday party and return gifts for magic themed parties.
    magic theme birthday party candles to pair with any birthday return gifts
  7. Sculpture Candles
    Sculpture Candles are perfect for any theme birthday party when you can find a relevant candle because they are difficult to find. However if found, they are like that perfect missing jigsaw puzzle piece of any birthday party. They will go best with birthday return gifts of the same theme.
    Sculpture theme birthday party candles to pair with any birthday return gifts
  8. DIY Candle
    What can be more meaningful and fun than making your own candle and putting it on the cake. Every child will be super proud of their creation and seeing it as the center piece of a birthday party. DIY Candles will go best with DIY theme birthday party return gifts, or art attack return gifts.
    DIY candles for birthday party return gifts

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  • Sunita khanna

    August 5, 2018 at 10:34 pm

    I am very happy that mu daughtervinnie mathur purchased the DIY KITS on block printing.i shall make shagun envelopes and gift name tags for Diwali with
    my grandsons with SEED PAPER and your blocks it will give an ethnic look and creativity of the boys will enhance.


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