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7 Steps To Reduce TV Time For Kids

Excessive T.V watching and exposure to digital media is a concern for most parents. Most parents are aware of the ill effects of T.V watching on young children are finding ways to reduce TV time. But in today’s fast paced world, nuclear families are a reality and constantly finding ways to keep the children engaged is a real challenge for parents. The modern day gadgets play the role of proxy babysitters when adults need some cool off time to themselves.

So how can you strike a balance? How do you instill simple habits that minimizes T.V and smart phone use? Well, we understand parents’ woes because we spend our days concocting games that children love to play and learn with. So here’s our 7 step guide that can make it easier to instill healthy screen habits in your household!

1. Fix a limited time slot for T.V watching: Defining a set time slot for T.V watching is a good idea as it helps limit the T.V time. Also, it sets a rule that watching T.V or playing video games outside of this time is not allowed. The T.V remains shut by default!  

2. Lead by example: Now there is a caveat to Rule #1. The caveat is that the before you expect your child to follow the rule, You have to follow it first! This means that the T.V doesn’t remain on as a background noise. This means you limit your slot and stick to it ( and hence set an example for your children to follow! )


3. Plan DIY Projects to keep them busy all day long: This may sound like a time consuming activity. But with a little bit of thought, you can plan some very interesting projects to work on. We can help you in this department with our range of Activity Boxes that give you everything you need for your DIY projects all packed in a box.

4. Include kids in your daily chores to keep them engaged: A very common problem for parents is about engaging kids while doing household chores. Our little tip is this – Get them to help! A 3 year old can very well help in sorting vegetables in the kitchen. A 5 year old can help you peel the peas. It not only keeps them engaged but also helps improve their awareness and life skills.


5. Give them educational board games as an alternative to video games: It proven that board games actually engage kids and help them apply skills like analysis, team play, and strategy while playing education games. So next time you visit the toy store, pick a puzzle instead of a toy car. 

6. Surround them with books and educational toys: When T.V time is made limited, it automatically opens up more time for other activities like reading books and playing with educational games. The child will eventually pick up a book provided you surround them with enough option and the right amount of encouragement.

puzzle 2


7. Instill a sense of well being early on: Does this sound very vague! Well, most parents may think that their child doesn’t understand what’s healthy and what’s not. Thankfully, that is not true. If you explain to your child about healthy habits and make them realize that making healthy choices will help them grow faster and stronger, a 5 year old is very well capable of making an informed decision. Not only this conversation help you to encourage healthy habits, but also instill a sense of discipline and well being which is a life skill more important than anything else in life!

Do write to us if you found our simple tips to be effective or not!

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