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5 Top Christmas Gifts for Kids!

Christmas is just around the corner and children are already waiting eagerly for Santa and his Christmas Gifts. So how do you pick a Christmas gifts for kids that are novel, attractive, useful, engaging, entertaining and educative.

So here’s a quick list of gifts ideas depending on the child’s personality:

1. Activity Boxes for the DIY Soul

Activity Boxes are great as gifts for kids because they provide a great way to spend quality time with your child . In a busy schedule, it’s impossible for me to find time to buy all little knick-knacks needed for a DIY project. If someone can pack all the needed stuff in an activity box, half the work is done. Plus, Activity boxes come on a variety of themes and you can always pick a new one for the season.



2. Puzzle set for the Brainy Soul

Jigsaw puzzles are timeless and there is one for every age group. Children love solving puzzles and it gives their little brain a solid boost of mental exercise. Puzzle help improve concentration and problem solving skills in children. Again, there are all varieties of puzzles to choose from – world map jigsaw puzzles, puzzles on your child’s favorite cartoon character, puzzles on various themes. Perfect Christmas gift for kids to work on cold winter nights.


3. A Scrapbook for the Travelling Soul

If you are a family that loves travelling, how about gifting a travel scrapbook for your child to take along on this winter vacation? It will also be fun to have a world map along so that your child can locate the various places they have visited on the world map!



4. Card games for the Partying Soul

But what if the child is a little more fun loving and enjoys group play more than solving puzzles? Worry not, because we have a solution to that too! Card games are engaging even for the most hyper kids and you can pick an offbeat card game like Diversity Squares that requires the child to find matching patterns between two cards – Its a fast paced game that even adults can enjoy!


5.  A game for the complete family

If you are looking for a game for this New Year’s Eve party, why not pick a game where everyone in the family can join in? Pick games like World Bingo or Jenga Blocks which can be played by the whole family and not just the kids.


Hope that these ideas help you find the perfect Christmas present from Santa for your child!

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