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5 Fun Ways to Teach Your Kids Geography

The idea of learning geography might sound boring to the kids. To make it fun, you will need to add gameplay to learning. Why not think of learning geography as ‘learning about the world’. It’s not just learning about the locations of different countries and places, but also learning trivia about these places. It’s about inspiring your little ones and making them inquisitive about people and cultures around the world!

Since I have spent the last 16 months developing games for kids and concentrating on making games that teach them about life and culture of different countries, I thought I’d share some of the amazing ways kids can have fun while learning geography!

1. Get rid of the boring maps – welcome cute and colourful child-friendly maps! You can either buy these online ( like the Interactive World Map Kit which is a super cute educational world map that comes with stickers of flags, country names, monuments and currencies that can be stuck onto it), or you can try making one at home itself. What would be even better? You could also try buying or making a jumbo sized world map, we know the kids learn from visually attractive things a lot more. And the bigger it is in size, the more appealing it is for the kids.


2. Introduce geography themed Bingos. These could be played in so many different ways. Try playing Bingo based on continent names, countries, capitals, flags, currencies and so on! In fact, Bingo is one of the most easiest and fun ways of teaching kids just about anything! You can buy World Bingo by Traveller Kids and Car Bingo from Etsy. You could make it’s different variants at home as well.


3. Create! How about doing some interesting art and craft activities at home? You could do something as simple as painting a plastic or foam ball in blue and green to make it look like a globe. Then write down the names of the continents using markers on it. If you have slightly older children, you could make a banner using different flags. Draw and colour flags of different countries on different sheets of paper. Cut these out and connect them all to a long ribbon. Hang it in your child’s room somewhere. It does more than just adding colour to the room! Another great idea is to download line art for 3D monuments from the internet (these are readily available on various websites), print them, and have the children cut and glue them up together. You could even try picking a craft activity inspired from the culture of different countries. For example, to teach about Japan you could do some origami, to teach about USA you could make halloween witch hat and so on!

4. Play twister on a giant world map! Get a jumbo map (or make one at home using a bed sheet/paper). Mark all the continents and a few countries on it. Add some drawings of monuments, animals, flags or anything else relevant to different countries. Randomly call out countries and specify the hand or leg the child should place on a certain country or a continent. You could play this along with your child or make children play in groups. Rules will be exactly the same as twister. Watch your kids topple all over the map having fun pointing out to different locations and stepping on them!

5. Shop! Well this one obviously sounds more fun to you! Every time you go shopping, buy things that are inspired from different countries instead of picking things that are merely attractive. Fill your house with decor from different countries. For example, you could add dodo birds souvenir to tell your little ones about this bird. Pick up a nice Vikings antique helmet to teach your kids about the history of Scandinavia and the vikings. Add a beautiful framed picture of the Eiffel tower to teach your kids about France.

Good luck with unleashing the explorer in your child!

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