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5 Easy Games For Improving Vocabulary For Kids

Working on improving vocabulary for kids early on lays a strong foundation for learning at school. Strong vocabulary is the secret to better reading skills and an improved comprehension in children. Young children have a very good grasping power and acquire thousands of words every year. A 5 year old entering school will have a vocabulary of 3000 to 5000 words.

With a little bit of common sense and creativity, you can inculcate habits to improve your child’s vocabulary. Here are some suggestions to begin with:

Infants and Toddlers: Rhymes and Songs

Rhymes and Songs are probably the first mediums through which children grasp new words and their meanings and are an excellent medium to improve vocabulary for kids. More over, they are also fun, engaging, and a great alternative to screen time. You do not have to restrict yourself to the nursery rhymes for kids. You can introduce a variety of children’s songs in varied languages like “lakdi ki kaathi”, or “chandamama” or even sanskrit shlokas. You will be surprised how quickly your child is grasping new words with these songs!

Kindergarten: Spell Buzz

A simple game of Spell Buzz is great to teach new words and spellings to kids who have just started learning new words. Its a game that can be played with 2 or more players where the child will pick the bee with a word written on it. The child who picks the bee will give the bee to the next player without looking at it. The next player will then read aloud the word written on the bee. The child has to now spell the word correctly to collect the bee and the points. As the child’s vocabulary improves more difficult words can be introduced in the game! You can make a DIY version or buy the spelling bee game from here!


Primary: Fun with Proverbs

Fun with Proverbs is a simple card game that is designed for primary school students to learn idioms and phrases. It doubles up as a two player card game that the kids can play on play dates and learn new phrases at the same time. The child has to match a pair of cards with a phrase written on it: “An apple a day” matches with “Keeps the doctor away!”. It’s as simple as that!


Pre-Primary and Primary:Antonym Bingo

Bingo is a children’s favorite and parents can use Bingo as a tool to teach any topic. Hence, we present the game of Antonym Bingo which requires children to think of antonyms of new words while playing the game of Bingo ( Housie ). This game works as a party game for birthday parties and play dates and helps children learn opposite words. It also tests attention span, concentration and vocabulary.


Fun with Proverbs, Improve Vocabulary

Tween : Scrabble

The old and faithful scrabble continues to remain the favorite family board game. Its a great way to spend quality time with your family and also inculcate the habit of playing games that need patience, thinking and spontaneity. Scrabble can be introduced once the child has decent vocabulary and ready to build a variety of words from letters.


If you have any other creative ways to teach new words to your kids, please share with us!

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