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20 Balloon Decoration Ideas for Kids Birthday Party

Planning a birthday is so complex, there is a birthday party theme, decor, food, games, birthday return gifts, and so many more things.

Come what may, a child’s birthday is forever incomplete without a cake and balloons!

Here are 20 very easy ideas on how to add some style and swag to good old balloon decoration.

Try them for any birthday theme and you will not need to hire a balloon decorator for sure.

Balloon Decoration Games

Why make balloons only for decoration, add interactivity to the party by planning games around balloons, you can have simple darts, or find gifts inside balloons or a treasure hunt with hints inside different balloons.


Ballons attached to birthday return gifts

Let kids take a balloon back with their birthday return gift by simply tying a balloon to each bag. Every child’s eyes are going to be focused on only one place!


Animal Balloon Decoration

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Glitter dipped balloons are very simple to create and look very very premium at any birthday party.

birthday-balloon-decoration-cocomoco-kids-16 birthday-balloon-decoration-cocomoco-kids-15

Ice-cream + Balloons means everybody going to be loving it.

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Nothing like creating a hot air balloon effect, you will however need alot alot alot of balloons for this decoration.


Just use thread and simple paper cut outs to create this beautiful effect for any birthday party theme.


Tie a bunch of balloons around the hand of a teddy bear for this simple yet fun decor.


I hope you liked some of these ideas and feel they can easily be done at home with just basic tools. Now whether you are organizing a balloon theme birthday party, or using balloons just for decoration, use some of your creativity and some of these ideas and add some serious swag to any birthday party.

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