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19 Children’s Magazines In India

Magazines are an integral part of a child’s growth and no matter how much digital content is available, there is nothing as enriching, educational and most importantly fun as a regular subscription of a magazine.

It builds frequency of learning since it is a periodical, has consistent topics of content and has a good mix of entertainment, education and activity.

Incase you children are spending too much time on the screen or are not easily convinced about reading books, perhaps try introducing them to different magazines, they can be great distractions from the screens.

Recently super mom Deepa from Bellary compiled a very easy list of all children’s magazines and we were more than eager to help spread the word.

If you end up benefiting from the list, please do share a comment and encourage.

19 Children's Magazines in India

Magic Pot – Rs. 15 – Weekly – 3-6 yrs
Magic Pot Read2Colour – Rs. 20 – Weekly – 3-6 yrs
Champak – Rs. 30 – Fortnightly – 4+ yrs
The Children Magazine – Rs. 40 – Monthly – 4-9 yrs
Tinkle – Rs. 50  – Monthly – 5+ yrs
Highlights Genies – Rs. 40 – Monthly – 2-6 yrs
Highlights Champs – Rs. 40 – Monthly – 6-12 yrs
Kids Explore – Rs. 20 – Fortnightly – 6-12 yrs
Nat Geo Young Explorer – 7+ yrs
Chacha Chaudhary – Rs. 20 – 7+ yrs
Chandamama – Rs. 30 – Monthly  – 7-12 yrs
Robin Age – Rs. 25 – Weekly – 6-15 yrs
Jr. Robin Age
Gokulam – Rs. 15 – 7+ yrs
Tell Me Why – Rs. 30 – Monthly – 7+ yrs
BBC Knowledge – Rs. 125 – 8+ yrs
Hoot – Rs. 100 – Monthly – 6-12 yrs
Children Digest – Monthly – 8-12 yrs
Reader’s Digest – Monthly


One Comment

  • Sunita khanna

    August 5, 2018 at 10:23 pm

    Iam sunitakhanna retired DPS teacher worked for36years and grandmothet of 3
    All my years of teaching i emphasised students to makebest out of wastein school on tv and inwork shops andused to writein various magazinesand newspapers
    I also tried to reachout to parents during ptms to grow a plant on their childs birthday, to visit orphanages and give them packets of eats to underprivileged children before holding a big party for their rich friends, by doing this we can sensitize children towards nature and less fortunate children.
    It is very important for us adults parents and teachers to bring this awareness in children at the grass roots level
    I andu daughter vinnie mathur are educationists and environmentalists we have been regularly conductingworkshops on best out of waste , organic kitchen gardening cooking without fire theatre celebrating important days like mother’s day earth day etc in India habitat centre in 5 star hotels malls and now in our condos.
    Now i have liked your DIY kits
    I would request parents to give such DIY kits ad return gifts and main gifts to make the children creative and be away from hi tech gadgets while they make useful things with their own hands.
    Just last week i gave away a bag full of return gifts to an Ngo which were plastic bottles , tiffins, usrless games(which were big in size but useless board games) .i would request parents to think wisely before buying return gifts.
    Give DIYKITS, ir seed pencils and seed pens made out of recycled paper and newspapers andmagazines no wood is used or plastic isused its vetu eco-friendly and after use can be put in apot or soil and plant growsafter 5days.i am trying to popularize themin schools andcorporates
    Therefore I request mommies teachers grandparents to spend quality time with your children and atleast twice a week have a meal together and switchoff all gadgets around you — TV Cellphones i pads etc and jusy talk and laugh with your childten


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