15 Unique Birthday Invitation Cards (2019)

Birthday invitation cards are the first piece of celebration when it comes to a child’s birthday party. They generate excitement in the invitee and can give a glimpse of the things to come to the party. Be it the birthday party theme or the birthday return gifts that the kids will receive.
Here are 15 Unique Birthday Invitation Card Ideas that are sure to be loved by kids and parents.
1. Icecream Shaped Cards

2. Butterfly Cards

3. Glitter Number Cards

4. 3d Rainbow Cards

5. Balloon Cards

6. 3d Monster Cards

7. Purse Shaped Invitation Card for Barbie Theme Birthday Party

8. Animated Airplane Cards

9. Bingo Game Invitation Cards

10. Lego Shaped Cards

11. Popcorn Invitation Cards for Movie Birthday Party

12. Animated Puppy Shaped Cards

13. Crayons as Invitations for a Art Theme Birthday Party

14. Jigsaw Puzzle Invitation Cards

15. Spy Birthday Party Invitation Cards
These can either have a cryptic code to decipher the actual date and time, or you can use lemon ink to write invisible text and then kids need to heat it to read.

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