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10 Unique Birthday return gifts upto Rs. 50

Incase you are looking for unique birthday return gifts upto Rs. 50, you have lots of options which are not only innovative but also will be appriciated by kids and parents and not cause plastic pollution.

  1. Note Wallets
    Wallets are an excellent birthday gifting option for kids because it introduces them to organizing and taking care of money in addition to immense value as a pretend play toy.
  2. Piggy Bank
    Similar to wallets, a piggybank is a great way to encourage children to learn the value of money and save for a purpose. Piggy is a great return gift option for boys and girls.
  3. Pencil Box with cool eraser, sharpner and pencils
    Mix and match and add some innovative erasers and unique pencils in a nice pouch to make a good birthday return gift idea.
  4. Injection Pens and Pencils
    Every child loves pretend play and what better if it has some innovation also. The injection shaped pens and pencils are super fun and every child is bound to love it.
  5. Science Gift: Balloon Helicopter
  6. Rubix Cube – Intelligent Puzzle
  7. Science Gift: Slime
  8. Invisible Ink Pen
    Unique-Birthday-Return-Gift-under-Rs-50-Invisbile InkPen
  9. Drawstring Bag
  10. Multi colour Pen


  • Tazeen

    August 24, 2017 at 9:07 am

    Looking to get Barrel of slime and assorted colorful pen


  • Inaaya

    September 20, 2018 at 6:29 pm

    Looking for slime for birthday party


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