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10 Unique Birthday Return Gifts under Rs. 100

For your kid’s next birthday party let’s step away from cheap Chinese toys and standard character-based gifts and give the kids birthday return gifts which are something useful and unique.

You can either choose educational games or active games, things which require kids to either exercise their brains or their bodies. Such return gifts will be appreciated by parents and kids and won’t be put in the box to give away as gifts to other kids.
All birthday return gifts are under/around Rs 100.
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1.  Hand Tennis.

Kids are definitely going to pick this up on a boring day and start playing anywhere and everywhere. Small enough and easy to carry in any bag, this makes a great birthday return gift idea.

Unique Birthday Return Gifts at
2. Trump Cards
Children of all ages love trump cards since they are colourful, fun to play, informative and extremely addictive. Trump cards make a classic birthday return gift idea.
Unique Birthday Return Gifts at
3.Skipping Rope
A skipping rope is a great birthday return gift since every child is going to try skipping sometime in life and its a thing you can do along without friends and adult supervision. It also puts them in a good active lifestyle besides increasing gross motor skills and hand- leg coordination.
Unique Birthday Return Gifts at
4. Flying Wheel
Kids love to throw things and what better gift than a flying wheel which makes a great indoor or outdoor sport. It is a very good birthday return gift choice.
Unique Birthday Return Gifts at
5. Hand Glider
A hand glider is great because every child loves planes and making your own plane which flys is just 100 times better than making paper airplanes. A 100% sure shot great birthday return gift idea.
Unique Birthday Return Gifts at
6. Chess
Too much sports happening above for us, let’s engage the kids in some brain games and introduce them to the world’s most popular game or sport. Who knows, one day because of your birthday return gift one of these childs turns into the next Vishwanathan Anand.
Unique Birthday Return Gifts at
7. Brain Puzzle
Brain puzzles for 4 year to 90 year olds. Classic birthday return gifts.

Unique Birthday Return Gifts at

8. Ball
Every single person on earth loves balls. You can make your own games or just play catch or juggle along. Balls are a classic gift for kids.
Unique Birthday Return Gifts at
9. Me on my Map

Unique Birthday Return Gifts at

Introduce the concept of world, maps, continents, and countries to the tiny tots with this fun colouring activity. It makes for a great birthday return gift.

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10. India Activity Book
Unique Birthday Return Gifts at
Grab this activity book on India, full of pictures, puzzles and games to teach children about culture, food, places, clothes and a lot more. Every kids is bound to love the gift.
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