10 Best Birthday Return Gifts Ideas for 5-year-olds

Birthday parties are always a treat for kids and their friends but there’s something they look forward to even more: return gifts! They’re like the icing on the cake. If you’re planning a birthday party, we’ve put together some return gift ideas that kids will love. They’re unique, fun and unforgettable!

1. Block Printing Kit – Rs. 249 on CocoMoco Kids

This block printing kit is the perfect return gift for a birthday party. It helps kids tap into their creativity. It’s designed for small hands too! It include two wooden blocks, paint pots and greeting cards. Note: The block printing kit is available at an attractive discount if you buy more than 10 units!

Toysbox – Mind Puzzle Set 1 – Rs. 125 on FirstCry

Puzzles always make great return gifts for a birthday party and this one by Toysbox is no exception. It builds creativity and logic and can keep kids entertained for ages!

3. Interactive India Map – Rs. 399 on CocoMoco Kids

Maps are a wonderful way to introduce kids to geography and culture but this non-tear interactive map is a cut above the rest. It features colourful illustrations of monuments, dances and animals and comes with reusable stickers.

Note: The India Map  is available at an attractive discount if you buy more than 10 units!

4. Parteet Educational Writing and Drawing Magic Slate for Kids – Rs. 350 on Amazon

Magic slates are great fun and are terrific return gifts for a birthday party. This slate will keep kids busy by encouraging them to write and draw and they can be carried anywhere.

5. World Map with Reusable Stickers – Rs. 499 on CocoMocoKids

Geography and culture combine in this non-tear world map that features colourful monuments, animals and more. Kids can learn to identify different countries using reusable stickers of flags, currencies, etc.

Note: The World Map with Reusable Stickers is available at an attractive discount if you buy more than 10 units!

6. Parteet Educational Colour and Wipe 2 in 1 Game for Kids – Rs. 550 on Amazon

This fun game is something every kid will appreciate as a return gift for a birthday party. It helps build picture/word recognition while the wipe-off feature lets kids do the activity again and again.

7. Colouring Roll – Solar System Space Themed – Rs. 199 on CocoMocoKids

Kids will love this 7.5-feet long storybook-cum-colouring roll with images of space and space objects firing up their imagination. It comes with cute stickers and crayons.

8. Writing/Drawing Board– Rs. 475 on Amazon

Another drawing-based return gift for a birthday party that’s sure to be a winner. This writing/drawing board uses a ‘magic pen’ that can be erased multiple times. It comes in a set of 6 units.

9. World Bingo – Rs. 329 on CocoMocoKids

Based on the popular Bingo game, World Bingo is a great geography and culture-learning game. It’s designed to nurture curiosity and inquisitiveness in little kids with the help of map sheets and country cards.

Note: The World Bingo is available at an attractive discount if you buy more than 10 units!

10. Parteet Educational Create and Paint 2 in 1 Game with Animal Mask for Kids – Rs. 650 on Amazon

Moulds of animals, colourful paints, glass beads and more – this windchime maker rounds up our list of the best return gifts for birthday parties. It comes with masks for double the fun!

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